VigRx Plus Review

With the overwhelming variety of male enhancement supplements on the market, sometimes it can be all too easy to let some fall through the cracks and under your radar.

The fact of the matter is that the male enhancement industry is flooded with inferior supplements that make it hard to put too much stock in new options that come around, hence preventing people from getting the results that they are looking for.

Sifting through the sea of wild claims that many male enhancement pills will boast can be exhausting hearing about how you’re “guaranteed to grow 6 inches” or any number of bold statements is tough because we all want results, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Having tried many supplements and remedies over the years, I can say that I have not been so impressed with a male enhancement pill or its results as I am with VigRx.

Not only was my libido heightened quite noticeably, but my erections were significantly stronger which is all that you can hope for from a male enhancement supplement.

Let’s take a look at what VigRx is, why and how it works, and what it is made out of.

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What is Vigrx Plus?

vigrx plus review
1 box of Vigrx Plus.

Like many other supplements out there right now, VigRx plus is all natural.

What seems to set VigRx apart is its ingredients themselves, as they are all organic and pointed at several areas of male sexual health and work together synergistically.

Not only does VigRx work towards strengthening erections, it also helps sexual performance and stamina, boosts libido and make for an overall better sexual encounter.

The formula behind the positive results that VigRx Plus produces is 100% natural, low risk and distinct among other all-natural male enhancement supplements.

The Vigrx Plus Formula

  • Damiana Extract – Damiana is a long-used aphrodisiac that is also used to treat stomach and digestive problems. (Source)
  • Ginkgo Biloba – Besides being used to treat everything from anxiety and depression to asthma and COPD, it also increases the levels of nitric oxide in our blood which helps to improve circulation and strengthen erections. (Source)
  • Epimedium – Also known as Horny Goat Weed, it is a classic libido enhancer and erection strengthener. (Source)
  • Bioperine – Relaxes the mood and is known to heighten the sex drive. (Source)
  • Asian Red Ginseng – Improves erectile dysfunction while also lessening the severity of certain heart conditions as well as fighting colds off and other minor illnesses. (Source)
  • Catuaba Bark Extract – Works to increase and improve arousal as well as performance in men. (Source)
  • Saw Palmetto Berry – This berry is great for promoting healthy urinary tract health, as well as being a great booster of testosterone production and disbursement. (Source)
  • Muira Puama – The root and wood of this plant increase libido as well as help in preventing erectile dysfunction. (Source)
  • Hawthorn Berry – It alleviates angina, high blood pressure and increasing libido. (Source)

These ingredients are not only all natural, but they are well proven with time to be quite potent and to have helped so many men.

What is unique and enticing about this formula is that each one of the ingredients not only has significant effects on libido, erection strength and sexual appetite, but they also each contribute to overall positive male health.

There is a wealth of information available online about each of these ingredients as well as their role throughout history in being used as male sexual enhancers.

It is extremely important, however, to always check with your current medications and consult with your medical caregiver to ensure that there are no harmful interaction with anything that you are currently taking.

What Makes VigRx Plus Stand Out?

Besides the all-natural formula, the results are what ultimately make VigRx stand out.

Not only do many of the reviews boast fast and obvious results, but there are some endorsements of VigRx that come from well respected and highly revered doctors.

Dr. Steven Lamm himself, a contributor to the daytime television show “The View” has publicly endorsed VigRx as being a solid and reputable male enhancement supplement.

There are many verified, unsolicited and voluntary user testimonial reviews that are a good example of what to expect from VigRx Plus as they are raw and coming from people who simply want to get the word out there.

For me personally, VigRx stands out because of its consistency and how helpful it can truly be.

VigrRx Plus also puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to the money back guarantee that they advertise.

That is something that so many of these male enhancement supplements throw out there, but it is not nearly as often that one of them will actually refund you and stop billing you.

And to sweeten the pot even more, VigRx Plus is unique in that it has actually been clinically tested unlike many of the alternatives, and that those tests were done in a highly regarded lab.

The Clinical Studies Supporting Vigrx Plus

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While it may not seem like a lot to ask for, expecting to be able to find verifiable clinical studies when it comes to whatever male enhancement supplement you may be looking into is usually going to leave you disappointed.

The fact is that with so many male enhancement supplements with similar ingredients and effects on the market, many of the manufacturer’s seem to think that they do not need to perform clinical trials, or they simply choose to be dishonest about it.

Well, luckily VigRx provides all of the would-be customers as well as already satisfied customers with actual clinical trials that point towards what can be expected from VigRx Plus.

VigRx Plus threw down $500,000 as a budget to put their supplements to the test, and as the results show, they made a great case for themselves.

The statistic that came out of the clinical trial that likely will jump out most to you men like me looking for a strengthening male supplement is that the participants experienced a 62% increase in erection strength in the 84 day period allotted by the trial.

Add to that the 71.43% increase in sexual satisfaction that the participants experienced and reported, and what you have is results that point to VigRx Plus not simply being another case of having more bark than bite.

The clinical trials also showed in increase in desire, ability to maintain erection and improved ability to penetrate their partner.

Six Months of Results With VigRx Plus

After doing my research into VigRx Plus, I became aware that the peak effects that come along with the supplement should be expected to appear around the 3-month mark.

That right away sounded more accurate than many of the claims made by competitors boasting weekly or even daily results that are quite simply bona-fide impossible on a physical level.

Upon first ordering VigRx Plus, I had already been aware of some of the bonus items that come with the male enhancement supplement.

VigRx Plus came with a “For Men Only” exercise cd which I will let you discover on your own, as the Nexus Pheromones Cologne which I must say smells quite nice and was much better than I would have even expected.

It also came with Semenax Volume Enhancement Pills which I had honestly forgotten about before they came and on their own are fairly effective erectile enhancement supplements that are worth giving a try for yourself.

The First Month

The first month of taking VigRx Plus was not necessarily as exciting as what would come with later use, which I had come to expect from what the manufacturer had stated themselves, but there were still noticeable effects upon first taking it that were positive.

VigRx Plus recommends that you take two pills a day, and so I followed the instructions and took it as recommended.

The one thing that I did notice within the first few weeks is that whenever I was able to get an erection, it definitely lasted longer than it had been before.

Before taking VigRx, my rare erections were weak and short-lived, so this slight and subtle improvement within the first week or two reassured me that more good changes were on the way.

Month #2 and Onward

After the first month there were definitely noticeable size and girth gains in my erections.

That is pretty impressive considering that I had not been doing any “growth exercises” or using any sort of pump or other physical male enhancement products.

To see if I could speed up the process and get more noticeable gains that would be long lasting, I began to experiment with various penile growth exercises that you are probably familiar with if you have looked into growth options.

Trying everything from kegels to jelqing, I was able to get much more noticeable effects than when I was just taking the supplements themselves alone.

Around the third month I would say that there was a bit of a plateau with the effects of VigRx Plus.

It wasn’t until getting well into the fourth month of two VigRx pills a day every day that I got my most noticeable and significant results.

I saw an increase of close to 2” in length and just over 1” in girth by that time and that is more than I can say for any other male enhancement supplements that I have tried in the past.

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Use Caution When Shopping For VigRx Plus

There are some people out there that are peddling fake VigRx Plus and taking money from hopeful people.

You can check and verify the authenticity code, as well as be able to tell from looking at the pill’s contents when cut in half to determine whether or not it is real or fake.

If you see VigRx Plus on sale for a low price that is too good to be true, then it more than likely is too good to be true.

As such, I will recommend getting VigRx Plus from their official website if it strikes your fancy as that is the only way to know for sure that what you are getting is the real deal.

Also be wary of some reviews as the counterfeit VigRx Plus pills made of nothing more than sugar are being spread like wild fire places other than their official website, and as such customers that don’t know better are leaving some less than stellar reviews not knowing that they haven’t actually tried it.

It should also be noted that a quick google search can yield some negative reviews that are clearly paid for testimonials that do not reflect verified user reviews are primarily in blog post format.

If you get your hands on VigRx Plus, make sure that it does not interact with any medications that you are taking at this moment, and if it is not, then hang in there and wait for the impressive results.

Do I Recommend VigRx Plus?

Yes, I definitely do recommend VigRx Plus.

Not only is it highly effective and low risk, but it is 100% all natural.

If you are going to try VigRx Plus out for yourself, then I would have to recommend going with the 3 month supply as that is how long they say it will take for peak effects and in my experience that was mostly true.

The results were worth the wait to me personally, and it was refreshing to use a male enhancement product that didn’t claim to be some sort of miracle working, fast acting cure all to problems in the bedroom.

Once the results started to become noticeable, I felt better all around, and most importantly, performed better.

Because of the effects on my libido, energy, performance, mood and stronger and longer lasting erections, I highly recommend VigRx Plus and hope that you can stick with it long enough to see some of the same positive results that I have.

It also doesn’t hurt that your significant other will more than likely notice and celebrate the results just as much as you will.

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