Ageless Male Tonight Review: Does It Really Work?

Having shame or needing to tiptoe around the topic when it comes to male enhancement products is effectively a thing of the past.

More men than may be willing to admit take advantage of the improved sexual function that many of them have to offer and their use is as widespread as ever.

The market is flooded with male enhancement supplements that vary in strength, effect and purpose, and choosing the one that will help you get the results that you wish to see can be difficult.

Erectile dysfunction is extremely commonplace, present at all ages, and is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when there are a number of remedies that are readily available.

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Ageless Male Tonight is a nitric oxide based male performance aid that they boast will provide you with fast acting results and a noticeably stronger erection.

In this review, we will do a deeper dive into Ageless Male Tonight’s claims, ingredients, results and overall performance.

What Is Ageless Male Tonight?

ageless male tonight pillsAgeless Male Tonight by New Vitality claims to not only strengthen erections by rapidly boosting nitric oxide levels and thus increasing blood flow, but also make for a better and longer lasting sexual encounter.

One thing that should be noted about Ageless Male Tonight, is that when reading the ingredients you will probably notice that it seems to be a concoction of antioxidant rich foods almost,  and while some of them have ingredients that help with blood flow, New Vitality makes no claims as to their efficacy as male enhancement aids.

With that said, one of the appeals of Ageless Male Tonight may be the fact that it is made of ingredients are relatively low risk as far as side effects or interactions with other supplements or your regular medications.

There is not too much evidence to support that it does in fact boost nitric oxide levels, there are many claims of it being effective and because of the low impact ingredients there is no reason to believe that it is harmful.

How Does Ageless Male Tonight Work

If you are familiar with other male enhancement supplements, then a quick glance at the ingredients and method of action is enough to tell you that Ageless Male Tonight is a lot different than other options.

While it is important to state that New Vitality does not provide a lot of information or make specific claims about its method of action or how its ingredients contribute to a healthier erection, a lot can be gleaned from what it’s made out of.

Ageless Male Tonight consists of three different natural blends that they claim work to rapidly enhance your nitric oxide levels and thus giving a stronger erection, and they recommend that you take it an hour before sexual activity for results.

What Is Ageless Male Tonight Made Out Of?

Turmeric Root Powder

Turmeric Root Powder is a well proven nutritional supplement boasting effects ranging from helping depression to having anti inflammatory properties. (Source.)

With that being said, there is no information available that points to it aiding erections or boosting nitric oxide levels in the blood.

Cassia Bark Powder

Better known as cinnamon bark, Cassia Bark Powder has numerous health benefits, but none that are related to sexual function, improved erections or even nitric oxide levels. (Source.)

There are several known benefits such as improved insulin sensitivity in diabetics, as well as fighting off fungi and bacteria. (Source.)

Garlic Bulb Powder

There is evidence to support that garlic bulb powder actually does work to effectively boost nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream as well as improving sexual vitality. (Source.)


Quercetin is known to boost nitric oxide levels in the blood as well as promote bioactivity in vascular muscle. (Source.)

Coffee Bean Extract

It has long been observed and reported that coffee been extract does work towards stimulating blood vessels as well as aiding in production and dispersion of nitric oxide levels in the blood stream. (Source.)

Coffee bean extract also has the added benefits of being loaded with antioxidants, being a weight loss aid, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure. (Source.)

Oregano Leaf

Although oregano leaf is one of the many herbal ingredients that make up Ageless Male Tonight, I cannot find any evidence to support that it works towards helping male sexual function or increasing the nitric oxide levels in the blood. (Source.)

Green Tea Leaf Extract

You may associate it more with weight loss supplements, which it is in fact highly effective for, but it also has been shown to be a good nitric oxide booster. (Source.)

Do These Ingredients Have Side Effects?

There are not any known side effects to coffee bean extract, however, if you take medication for diabetes or high blood pressure, check to see if it has any interaction with the ingredient. (Source.)

Oregano leaf extract does not have adverse side effects unless you are allergic too it, however, when consumed in high quantities it can cause nausea in some consumers. (Source.)

Of all of the ingredients, it is definitely Quercetin that has the most side effects: numbness and tingling, nausea and vomiting and headache. (Source.)

Garlic bulb powder extract can cause burning in your mouth, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting as well as increasing the risk of bleeding. (Source.)

If taken in high doses over a long period of time, green tea leaf extract can pose some risks and negative effects such as constipation, nausea, headaches, dizziness, Tinnitus, acid reflux and in very rare, extreme cases liver and kidney issues. (Source.)

Too much cassia bark extract has been found in studies to increase the risk of certain cancers, cause oral pain and sores, liver damage, breathing problems as well as low blood sugar. (Source.)

Does Ageless Male Tonight Work?

Of the vast user base that has used Ageless Male Tonight, you will find a wide variety of responses, good and bad, with many saying that it does in fact work for them.

That is essentially the most that you can expect from a male enhancement product before testing it for yourself, and if you have experimented with others in the past, you will note they all range in their efficacy from person to person.

With that being said, there are a number of users and reviews as well as testimonies that Ageless Male Tonight puts out there that are rather favorable.

There is evidence as stated above to support that several of the ingredients in Ageless Male Tonight do have potential to boost nitric oxide level in the blood, but there is little evidence to fully substantiate all of their claims.

There are without a doubt a number of positive reviews for Ageless Male Tonight, and whether it works as male enhancement aid or not, it definitely boasts a wealth of nutritional ingredients that promote healthy body function.

How To Use Ageless Male Tonight

Ageless Male Tonight is relatively fast acting, and as such, New Vitality instructs you to take one tablet a full hour before sexual activity in order to reap its benefits in time.

Where To Buy Ageless Male Tonight

Unlike many male enhancement supplements, it is not very hard to come by Ageless Male Tonight.

You can buy Ageless Male Tonight directly from New Vitality’s website, as well as Amazon, Wal Mart, Walgreens, and a variety of vitamin stores both online and in person.


  • Fast acting
  • Fair price
  • Herbal, fruit and vegetable blend
  • Has health benefits beyond sexual function


  • Many of the ingredients are not proven to have any male sexual function abilities or boost nitric oxide levels in the blood
  • Their claims have not been evaluated by the FDA

Conclusion- Should You Try Ageless Male Tonight?

In the world of male enhancement supplements, Ageless Male Tonight is a mostly risk-free option that seems to be fairly reputable, which you may know can be hard to come by in that world.

It is important to remember when looking into a male enhancement aid that you try to substantiate the claims made by the manufacturer as much as possible, and in the case of Ageless Male Tonight, look into each of the ingredients to see just how well it serves the overall purpose of the supplement.

If you are currently taking any medications, always double check and cross reference the active ingredients to be sure that there are no adverse interactions, and if you are not sure yourself, contact your medical profession.

There are enough positive reviews and claims in regard to Ageless Male Tonight that make testing out Ageless Male Tonight a safe bet, and because it is reasonably priced, it won’t set you back too much if it doesn’t get your blood flowing in the way that it promises.

The ingredients alone make Ageless Male Tonight quite unique, and I was personally shocked to discover that many, but not all of them, actually do contribute to male sexual health in ways that truly did surprise me.


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