Primal Surge Review – Does It Work?

I would say that over the course of the last few years, there has been an overwhelming groundswell of pre workout energy products hitting the market and sending mixed signals.

Many of them boast over the top energy in their marketing and are full of ingredients that can arguably crank a person up too much, but the fact of the matter is that they usually come at the expense of some sort of twist.

There’s a wide variety of pre energy workout drinks varying in their efficacy as well as just how healthy they actually are, and hopefully this will help shed a light on what you should be looking for in a good, reputable pregame energy source.

The need for a pre workout energy source is a very real well, as I am sure you know if you are already someone good for a workout session, the hardest part is not often the reps and sets themselves but getting started.

Primal Surge is a pre workout energy drink with a unique formula that takes some of the edge and hesitation out of actually jumping into a productive and meaningful workout.

You will probably recognize some of the ingredients if you have tried other pre workout energy drinks in the past, and for the most part the formula is aimed at gently boosting energy while creating a synergy among them that creates the big power you’d expect from something called Primal Surge.

Let’s take a look at Primal Surge, what it’s made of and just how effective it actually is.

What Is Primal Surge Pre Workout?

primal surge pre workout bottlePrimal Surge is an energy drink meant to be used before a workout in order to achieve peak performance and really get the most out of it.

It is an easy to mix powder that tastes like watermelon and as advertised, it definitely does bring a much welcome jolt of energy into the workout.

Primal Surge also claims that it helps with building muscle as well as overall strength and performance.

GMP certified and manufactured in an FDA approved lab in the United States, Primal Surge at least seems to have all of the making of a trustworthy pre workout energy drink.

How Does Primal Surge Pre Workout Work?

As a pre energy workout powdered drink, Primal Surge is aimed at boosting energy and dexterity.

Everything from the niacin and taurine in it to the caffeine work towards increasing energy in a healthy way without taking a negative toll on the body like some other alternatives.

Some of the ingredients behind Primal Surge also increase vasodilation and muscle health which really lends itself to enhancing a workout and making the effects of it last.

Primal Surge also has several ingredients as we will get into that increase the levels of nitric oxide in the blood which carries numerous health benefits behind the boost to a workout that comes with the improved blood flow that it causes.

You simply mix the Primal Surge powder in with your water and stir or shake and it will be ready to be consumed, preferably right before a workout to get the maximum desired effects out of it for peak performance.

What Is Primal Surge Made Of?


Aka vitamin B3, Niacin helps food break down properly to give us energy and is also used to help people with cholesterol problems. (Source.)

CarnoSyn Beta Alanine

This vitamin is loaded with amino acids that help to build lean muscle as well as give energy and improve workout performance overall. (Source.)

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

Increases nitric oxide production in the blood which helps the blood-flow during a workout and increases vasodilation as well as increasing the L-arginine levels. (Source.)

Citrulline Malate

This non-essential amino acid breaks down into L-arginine and nitric oxide in the body which improves vasodilation and blood-flow through the extremities during exercise. (Source.)


Helps to boost mitochondrial production as well as improve circulation and generate energy. (Source.)


Improves blood flow, alleviates blood pressure, boosts energy, and it also works as antioxidant and protects cells. (Source.)


A central nervous system stimulant that stimulates the brain and gives users energy. (Source.)


Theobromine is an alkaloid found in chocolate that is similar to caffeine and has a stimulating affect on the central nervous system. (Source.)


Derived from a plant, Yohimbe is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men while also being used to help with losing and controlling weight. (Source.)

Do Any of Primal Surge’s Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Although niacin has many benefits, too much of it or using niacin for too long of a period of time can lead to glucose intolerance as well as possible liver damage and stomach pain. (Source.)

Too much CarnoSyn Beta Alanine can cause itchiness, tingling, flushing and discomfort. (Source.)

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate can cause bloating, nausea, diarrhea, low blood pressure, inflammation in the throat and abnormal changes in the blood. (Source.)

Citrulline Malate can cause coughing, acid reflux, swelling and difficulty urinating for some people or in too high of doses. (Sources.)

L-Carnitine is considered to be generally safe, however, it can cause mild stomach pains and/or nausea in users taking over 2 grams a day. (Source.)

If taken in too high of doses, taurine has the potential to cause brain damage as a handful of rare instances where people took large amounts and experienced this have occurred, as well as potentially worsening the symptoms of bipolar disorder in people affected by it. (Sources.)

Caffeine can cause anxiety, difficulty sleeping, nausea and vomiting, chest pain and headaches if large doses are taken. (Source.)

Theobromine has some minor side effects such as headache, sweating and insomnia in some cases. (Source.)

The side effects of yohimbe can range from seizures and kidney failure to heart attack and increased heart rate and is not recommended for this with existing heart problems. (Source.)

Does Primal Surge Really Work?

By all accounts and by own experience, Primal Surge seems to work as it is prmoted as working.

The mix of caffeine, taurine and niacin definitely work towards giving the energy boost, or “surge”, and it definitely does help to get into the workout.

The increased bloodflow and vasodilation that comes along with helps with actually performing the reps themselves and doing heavy lifting, so to speak.

It seems to work best if taken shortly before a workout as its formula is also aimed at helping with muscle recovery and improving performance while exercising.

How To Use Primal Surge

Primal Surge is easy to use.

You simply take 1 scoop, equivalent to 8.2 grams, of the powder, mix it with water and drink it before a workout.

You should not have a problem getting a good mixture as the powder dissolves in the water very easily and doesn’t take too much stirring to get it perfect and drinkable.

Where Can I Buy Primal Surge?

You can get Primal Surge from GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Walmart and of course directly from them through their official website.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to measure and mix
  • Has a nice and mild watermelon taste
  • Increases energy and blood flow in the extremities during a workout


  • Some potential adverse side effects from a few of the ingredients in Primal Surge
  • Using it too often has the potential to lead to tolerance for some of its effects and ingredients, such as the caffeine

Conclusion- Is It Worth Giving Primal Surge a Try?

In a nutshell, yes, I would say that it is worth giving Primal Surge a try.

More than anything it is worth a shot because it is mostly low risk with a minor chance for side effects and has a decent amount of positive feedback from people that have had success with it.

The formula is slightly unique on its own, but you are probably familiar with some of the effects if you have ever tried supplements or energy formulas related to exercise performance before.

They have a comments section on their site that has glowing reviews of course, but the best way to find what the most likely consumer experience that you will realistically have with Primal Surge or any other product is to read real verified buyer reviews.

With that being said, always keep in mind that everyone is unique and is affected differently by different nutrients, vitamins and formulas overall.

The nice thing about Primal Surge is that a handful of the ingredients also contribute to certain aspects of health that only apply to men and some users will find that it is a welcome bonus.

In closing, I will say that Primal Surge is by all accounts and appearances a low risk, relatively inexpensive option in the world of pre workout energy drinks and giving it a try is not such a bad idea.

If it doesn’t happen to work well as for the workout enhancement of it all, at the very least the niacin and caffeine will probably wake you up a bit.

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