Extenze Shot Review – Does It Work?

The variety of male enhancement products does not only apply to the many names of brands and different packaging, but also the different methods of action by which they work to boost your game.

More often than not you are going to be dealing with supplements in the form of capsules or tablets and as it usually goes nowadays, you can usually expect mostly natural ingredients.

Sometimes you will find it in powder form to be mixed in with a drink, or more recently over the past few years, you can find it in a liquid shot form.

No matter what form the male enhancement aid comes in, men who are in need of the benefits that they usually boast when it comes to performance in the bedroom.

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The Extenze Liquid Shot is another male enhancement option that is geared towards boosting energy, sex drive, virility and giving an overall helping hand to performing all together.

Compared to many other male enhancement options out there, you will find a few new ingredients that are geared towards energy and carry other health benefits as well, but you will no doubt recognize some staple aphrodisiacs.

As we will get into, Extenze has brought something unique to the table with their formula in that it provides a nice, clean surge of energy that really helps not only in the bedroom but for the rest of the day or night.

Let’s take a closer look at Extenze Shots, how they work, what they’re made out of and if they are really worth giving a try.

What Are Extenze Shots?

extenze liquid shot reviewAn Extenze Liquid Shot is a tiny, 2 ounce (59 mL) shot that is loaded with vitamins and a proprietary blend of most all-natural ingredients.

The idea and intention packed into an Extenze Shot is that it will give you a big surge of sexual energy from arousal and mood, right on down to the actual performance.

The shots themselves are cheap and can be bought individually if desired which is somewhat of a nice convenience in a market that usually requires you to buy bulk of something that you have not even gotten to try yet.

How Does Extenze Shot Work?

When you take an Extenze Liquid Shot, you can expect results to hit you somewhat noticeably within the first 15 minutes at least, but after that the effects are much more pronounced.

At around the 30 minute mark, the effects of taking an Extenze Shot become quite prominent and its erectile dysfunction fighting properties are in full swing which you can expect to last up to four hours.

The speed and efficacy will vary from person to person based on diet, metabolism and other personal factors, but you should roughly expect a slow uptick in libido and erection strength over the course of an hour.


Horny Goat Weed

Boosts libido and helps erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

Maca Root

Works to increase fertility in men as well as stimulating the libido in both men and women. (Source.)


Helps men with erectile dysfunction when taken in higher concentrations. (Source.)

Rhodiola Rosea

Fights stress, anxiety, fatigue and aids in exercise performance while also having anti cancerous properties. (Source.)


Improves mood, alleviates anxiety and depression, helps with insomnia and can even help build lean muscle after a workout. (Source.)


Helps the sexual function both women and men, low blood pressure and diabetes. (Source.)

Panax Ginseng

Used to treat insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, cystic fibrosis as well as premature ejaculation. (Source.)


A central nervous system stimulate that gives you energy. (Source.)


An amino acid that relaxes the mind and body without making you tired, boosts focus and is said to have positive effects on libido and sexual mood. (Source)

Do Any of These Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Horny Goat Weed has side effects ranging from minor to somewhat severe including vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, liver toxicity or heart rhythm changes if taken in doses or allergic. (Source.)

You may experience adverse side effects from maca root if you have a preexisting thyroid problem but is otherwise considered safe. (Source.)

L-Arginine can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, gout and low blood pressure. (Source.)

If taken in too large of doses, yohimbe can cause kidney failure, increased heart rate, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, urination problems and scaly skin. (Source.)

Panax ginseng can cause breast and chest pain, change in blood pressure, dizziness, diarrhea and mood changes. (Source.)

L-Theanine can cause stomach pains, nausea, and irritability. (Source.)

Do Extenze Shots Really Work?

Yes, Extenze Liquid Shots do work to boost libido, energy, strengthen erections and help with performance overall.

The boost of energy that comes from it is a nice bonus and I think that it contributes to the overall quality and I am surprised that you can’t find that in other male enhancement products so easily.

It definitely works well towards increasing libido and the gradual climb up from the time that you take it until roughly the 45 minutes to an hour mark is exciting and the changes become more and more noticeable.

How To Use Extenze Shots

One thing that is very nice about Extenze Shots is that they’re perfectly measured out and bottled for you so all that you have to do is toss it back like some water or your favorite drink.

There are different flavors, and for me the cherry tastes very good and mild and doesn’t leave any strong, bad aftertaste.

Each shot is only 2 fluid ounces, or 59 milliliters, and is not really much more than a sip, similar you could say to something like 5 Hour Energy or other similar energy boosters, but this one is for the bedroom.

Where Can You Buy Extenze Shots?

Extenze is a common male enhancement brand, and luckily you can find their shots at Walgreens, CVS, Riteaid and online through Amazon and more.


  • Increased energy and virility
  • Improved erection strength
  • Boosted libido
  • Fairly priced


  • Some ingredients have negative side effects
  • Sold in small volumes

Should You Try Extenze Liquid Shots?

Extenze Shots are worth a try no doubt.

Basically, they are just low risk and inexpensive enough that giving them a try, or a “shot” is not going to break your bank and unless you are allergic is highly unlikely to do you any harm.

Because they can be bought as singles as well, you don’t need to commit to buying them in bulk or buying more than it would take just to give something a try.

Extenze Shots are good for and something I will probably stick with for some time, and if you are interested in them, always check to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

If you are currently taking any supplements or medications and are not sure if Extenze Liquid Shots will interact with them or not, then you should always consult with your physician and make sure you are good to go.

I personally recommend Extenze Shots and am happy with the heightened libido, mood, erection strength and overall sexual energy and performance that it provided.

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