Noxitril Review: Does It Really Work?

When it comes to purchasing supplements that we are going to ingest for the betterment of our everyday health, we generally feel better about it when we know as much as we can, right?

It establishes trust between the customer and the product and generally, for me at least, makes me comfortable with taking something that is going to affect my body.

A lot of times, testosterone boosting supplements either provide a good deal of information that is easy to verify by doing just a little bit of homework, or the opposite can be true and no matter how much digging you do, the less clear your stance on the product in chance becomes.

More often than not, however, this male enhancement testosterone boosting products fall someplace in the middle, usually making huge and wild claims while offering some amount of effects that does not always live up entirely to the hype they have generated.

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It is not easy to sift through the good and the bad but knowing what to look out for and what is best for your own health is half the battle.

That brings us to Noxitril, a testosterone boosting capsule that they claim will heighten your testosterone levels leading to improvement in many areas of male health in general, not the least of which includes the bedroom.

It is another in a long line of testosterone boosting supplements to come out with the idea being that increasing a man’s testosterone levels overall is going to address many aspects of his health affected by the sex hormone which of course includes fertility and sexual performance; whether or not this always adds up to being true of the respective products is another thing, but it is a popular type of supplement.

What Is Noxitril?

noxitril reviewsIn a nutshell, Noxitril is an all-purpose testosterone enhancing supplement that they claim will maximize the potential of your hormones and give you great results.

Unfortunately, there is very little direct information available about the manufacturers or Noxitril itself, there is a nice ingredients list of course and if you have experimented personally with similar testosterone or male enhancement supplements, then surely a few of them may ring a bell.

Let’s take a closer look at what Noxitril is, if it lives up to its claims and what it is made out of.

What Are the Ingredients in Noxitril?


Oatsraw can improve brain function, alleviate anxiety and depression, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and can help with erectile dysfunction. (Source.)


It can help reduce inflammation, stress and depression, has cancer fighting properties, improves overall brain function and can combat erectile dysfunction in men. (Source.)

Tongkat Ali

Eurycoma longifolia, aka Tongkat Ali, is most commonly used to treat infertility and erectile dysfunction in men but is also known to be an overall libido booster. (Source.)

Maca Root

Maca extract works for both men and women as far as increasing libido and overall sexual energy but is most known for its effects in increasing male fertility and combatting erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

It also works to improve memory and focus, energy, athletic performance and for women it can even alleviate some of the negative symptoms of menopause. (Source.)


A building block of many great male enhancement supplements, this amino acid breaks down into nitric oxide which improves blood-flow, circulation and erection strength. (Source.)

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus can help to stimulate athletic performance, alleviate the discomfort and symptoms of angina and can help with fertility and erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

Do Any of Noxitril’s Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Oatstraw can cause bloating, gas and stomach discomfort in some people. (Source.)

Ginseng does not have many significant side effects, but it should be noted that it can lessen the effects of certain drugs and if you are on blood sugar medications there may be a negative interaction. (Source.)

Tongkat ali does not have many side effects except for the major negative effects of too much consumption being possible mercury or lead poisoning. (Source.)

Maca root extract is considered to be safe for consumption in general, however, if you have a thyroid condition, you should consult with a medical professional or pharmacist before trying it out for yourself. (Source.)

L-arginine is generally safe, but if you are taking it with any nitrates or certain heart medications then you are at a risk for potential adverse effects, some of which could even be fatal. (Source.)

Tribulus Terresttris can cause insomnia and an upset stomach as well as have bad interactions potentially with certain blood sugar and pressure medications. (Source.)

Does Noxitril Even Really Work?

I am a bit torn on that one, and I can explain that for you.

Yes, it works as far as increasing libido and energy, but I cannot substantiate whether or not it actually increases testosterone or not and quite frankly there is just not enough evidence to support that it does or doesn’t one way or the other.

That is simply because there is not an abundance of information on the internet about it and so it is hard to decipher or put the claims together no matter which way you look at it.

However, many of the ingredients in Noxitril certainly do have a long-proven track record in the world of male enhancement supplements and serve almost as staples amongst its kind and that may be enough to make you want to get a bottle.

There are a variety of reviews running from hot to cold with some even complaining of having zero effects and others claiming to give them nothing but side effects, but alas there are good reviews as well muddying the waters even more.

Whether or not it actually works to boost testosterone, I am going to have to say that it probably does not as there are no ingredients that would suggest that it does and there is not enough information provided by them as to how that is actually the case.

How To Use Noxitril

Noxitril is easy to use and you do so by simply taking two capsules a day and waiting for it to work.

According to some users, that day never comes, or when it does, it is accompanied by side effects.

Others say that it is effective, however I must point out that the sources that are actual user reviews typically seem to err more on the side of negativity.

Check to make sure that it and its ingredients do not interact with any supplements or medications that you are currently taking and that you are not allergic to anything in Noxitril before taking it.

Where To Find Noxitril

You can find Noxitril through GNC, Walgreens or of course their own website.

Pros +

  • Relatively fair priced
  • Natural ingredients
  • Boosts energy and performance

Cons –

  • Does not seem to actually boost testosterone
  • Has a lot of negative reviews and users claiming that it did not work
  • Potential for negative and uncomfortable side effects

Conclusion- Is It Worth Giving Noxitril a Try?

Yes and no.

I know that sounds like a cop out, but the fact of the matter is that it is complicated as Noxitril certainly does have some merits and works in certain areas of male health for sure, but does it live up to the claims that it makes?

No, it does not, however it does boast ingredients that are known to be good libido enhancers and some that improve blood flow to the penis directly, however that does not necessarily mean that it makes the supplement effective itself.

At the end of the day, the reason that all of the reviews are so varied and all over the place is because every supplement is going to affect everyone differently as we are all different and metabolize supplements in our own way.

With that said, there are a wide variety of supplements that are available that are more safe of a bet, but given that Noxitril is reasonably priced and may just work for you, it is worth a try if you don’t mind experimenting before finding the right one for you.

I must reiterate that I do not think it actually boosts testosterone so there is really no need for them to advertise that, however as far as boosting other areas of male health, I would say that Noxitril does seem to work for a good amount of people.

If there was more information that was easily available about it and their claims were a little bit less bold than they are, I would feel more comfortable giving it a more full recommendation, but I will say that for the price it is worth checking out and seeing if it is going to work for you.

Be safe, do not exceed the maximum daily dose and let us know if it works for if you do try it, and if not keep your eye out for the many effective male enhancement supplements that are out there right now.

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