Primal Grow Pro Review

It never ceases to amaze me at the sheer amount of male sex pills that are advertised on adult film sites.

One such product is called Primal Grow Pro, which is the topic of this review.

I came across the below ad when I was browsing one of the above mentioned sites, and it intrigued me enough to click through.

primal grow pro ad 1

It led me to a sales video which, to be frank, I didn’t feel like sitting through.

primal grow pro video

Luckily, they had a ‘read only’ version that I could skim through.

So what exactly is Primal Grow Pro, and does it really work as well as they say it does?

Find out in our exclusive review below.

What is Primal Grow Pro?

primal grow pro reviewAccording to the official product page, Primal Grow Pro is a pill that uses a ‘banned African penis ritual’ to unlock your true size.

Their sales page is a really long winded story that touches on the finer points of men’s frustrations in the bedroom:

  • A lack of size (and what’s causing it)
  • Why you’re not lasting 30 min. or longer
  • How to get longer and thicker with their unique formula

I’ll spare you the details, but in short, apparently the writer behind this unique pill found a unique combo of all natural ingredients that will cause enormous increases in size.

Those 29 ingredients include important ones like:

  • Gingko Biloba
  • L-Glutamine
  • Vinpocetine
  • St John’s Wort
  • Huperzine Alpha
  • L-Carnitine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • L-Arginine

And a handful of other ingredients that don’t so much contribute to what their claims are, but you should recognize a few of them as staple male sexual enhancement ingredients.

They continue on with many bold claims about how it lets your body “assimilate the essential penis nutrients” and other apparently science-based claims that are all aimed to do one thing: get you to part with your money and go with their product.

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If you have traversed the web for other similar male enhancement supplements you are no doubt familiar with such claims, but let’s take a look at what Primal Grow Pro is made out of and how it works.

What Are Primal Grow Pro’s Ingredients?

Gingko Biloba

It is loaded with antioxidants, can help with circulation and increasing nitric oxide levels which contributes to erection strength via blood-flow to the erectile tissue. (Source.)

It also fights inflammation and improves mental function and overall mood. (Source.)


L-Glutamine improves physical performance overall, can help with workout recovery, protein synthesis and overall bulking up. (Source.)


Not quite sure why this one would pop up in a male enhancement supplement, but Vinpocetine can improve the effects of damage after a stroke as well as memory loss, and it can also treat the symptoms of tinnitus.  (Source.)

St. John’s Wort

This herbal anxiety supplement can alleviate symptoms of stress and depression as well as menopause symptoms in women and can help with smoking cessation. (Source.)


Another amino acid that has many claims that it boosts athletic performance, but in fact none of them are actually substantiated and it works instead for certain heart conditions but is not quite a male sexual health enhancer. (Source.)

Bacopa Monnieri

Works to reduce inflammation, is loaded full of antioxidants, alleviates symptoms of ADHD and focuses attention, can lower blood pressure and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. (Source.)


Higher doses of L-arginine can increase blood flow and erection strength in men. (Source.)

What Are Primal Grow Pro’s Side Effects?

Gingko Biloba can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, rash, dizziness or discomfort. (Source.)

L-Glutamine naturally occurs in the body so moderate and normal doses of it are not going to produce any negative side effects. (Source.)

Vinpocetine can cause interruptions in sleep, fluctuations in heart rate, nausea, dizziness and headaches. (Source.)

St. John’s Wort can cause upset stomach, restlessness, realistic dreams, tingling, headache, and potentially even erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

L-carnitine can worsen the symptoms of hypothyroidism and kidney or liver problems if you already have them. (Source.)

Bacopa Monnieri can cause cramping, stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea. (Source.)

L-arginine can cause bloating, diarrhea, stomach pains, worsen the symptoms of gout, worsen asthma, low blood pressure and more. (Source.)

Does Primal Grow Pro Really Work?

Primal Grow Pro does seem to work as far as being a good overall supplement and may certainly have some libido boosting effects, however, I am far from comfortable saying that it delivers on all of the claims that it makes in regard to male sexual health.

While some of the ingredients that I have mentioned are somewhat of staples in the world of male enhancement supplements, more often than not I was left scratching my head as to why on earth some of the ingredients would have ever found their way into the formula to begin with.

With that said, that is not to say that it is entirely defective or is useless as a male enhancement supplement, but to say that it works 100% as they have claimed that it would be a stretch and I can not comfortably say that is the case.

It definitely does have its benefits, especially in the area of energy and pre or post workout as well as improving your sex drive in general, but I would not say that it is near as effective as their testimonials may lead you to believe.

How To Take Primal Grow Pro

Take one Primal Grow Pro a day, preferably in the morning with breakfast and stay with it as it is a long term male enhancement supplement.

They say that it takes up to 30 days to begin to see the positive effects of Primal Grow Pro, so if you are patient and want the effects bad enough, wait and see if it works for yourself.

Where To Buy Primal Grow Pro?

As of right now, you can buy Primal Grow Pro online directly from them through their website which is nice if you want to pay the best possible price and at the very least you know that what you are buying is the real deal.

Pros +

  • Has well rounded ingredients
  • Mostly natural and low risk for side effects

Cons –

  • Hard to piece together information about
  • Many of its ingredients are not at all related to male health at all
  • Most of their claims are not easy to substantiate and have no evidence of

Conclusion- Is it Worth Trying For Myself?

I would say that because it is fairly low risk and not too expensive, giving Primal Grow Pro is not going to do you any harm and you may wind up enjoying it.

The problem is, it does not live up to the bold claims that it makes and in general it is just not as special as it purports to be nor does it do much to stand out.

With that being said, it does have ingredients that are proven to be effective, while also boasting others that have been found to not be so effective.

At the end of the day, there is enough good things about Primal Grow Pro that I would say it warrants your attention and some of the chatter that it gets, just do not go into it expecting a product that is exactly what you would expect given the bold language of their advertisements.

Hopefully it works for you if you decide to give it a try.

Primal Grow Pro

Primal Grow Pro

1.7 out of 5 (63 Ratings)

Primal Grow Pro pills claim that they will make you bigger and help with libido, Our review investigates the claims and examines whether or not it really does what it claims.

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