VasoStam Pills Review – Does It Really Work?

Most of your male enhancement supplements are going to fall into one of two different categories aimed at male health.

One of them is sex drive and performance, and the other is increasing your penis size.

Now, as you may already know, the latter is simply just not possible with only the help of a supplement so you just can not count on such results from any supplement that makes that promise to you.

Improved sex drive and overall performance, however, should be much easier to come by and is often times a much safer better when looking for a sexual enhancer.

VasoStam Pills are quite similar to a wide variety of other male sexual enhancement supplements that are currently on the market and you are more than likely familiar with some of the libido heightening and blood-flow circulating ingredients that it boasts.

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VasoStam Pills claim that they are going to put you in the mood, give you stamina and help you achieve and maintain an erection that is not going anywhere.

From what VasoStam claims themselves, it seems like it essentially attacks every possible area of male sexual health in general.

Pretty enticing claims, I agree, but do they actually stack up under scrutiny, or are VasoStam Pills all bark and no bite?

Let’s take a deep dive into what it is, how it works and what it is made of to better understand where VasoStam fits in amongst similar supplements.

What Is VasoStam?

vasostam pillsVasoStam Pills are a male sexual health solution that makes the promise that it can help raise your libido, sexual appetite, stamina and even alleviate your erectile dysfunction using its mostly natural formula.

How Do VasoStam Pills Work?

Not unlike many similar male enhancement supplements, the main goal of VasoStam’s formula is to generate blood production and blood-flow throughout the body and if all goes well, towards the erectile tissue making for a stronger erection.

As you will see when we get into the ingredients, much of what makes up VasoStam is ingredients pointed at vasodilation and nitric oxide levels in the blood which both contribute to healthier erections.

Familiar claims and promises, particularly if you have gone down this road before and tried your fair share of male enhancement supplements as I have over the years, but let’s look a little bit closer and see what actually makes VasoStam tick.

What Is VasoStam Made Out Of?


Needed for wound healing, blood clotting, growth, repair, lessens the symptoms of certain viruses and is also known to boost sex drive. (Source.)

Maca Root Extract

Maca Root Extract is loaded with vitamins, alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety, increases energy and athleticism, alleviates menopause in aging women, boosts sex drive for men as well as women and can increase a man’s fertility. (Source.)

Red Korean Ginseng

It can treat inflammation, stimulate the immune system, increase antioxidant production, fight fatigue and boost energy, lower blood sugar, and treat erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

Tribulus Terrestris

It increases blood flow and circulation which can alleviate the symptoms of angina and certain heart conditions as well as promote a strong erection. (Source.)

Pine Bark Extract

Usually when taken in combination with L-arginine which is not present in this supplement, it is considered to be a solution for erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

Do Any of These Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Very little-known side effects, however, Zinc can have a negative interaction if you are diabetic, an active alcoholic or are suffering from HIV or AIDS. (Source.)

Maca Root extract does not pose obvious side effects, it should however be avoided if you are currently dealing with a thyroid condition. (Source.)

Red Korean Ginseng does not have many side effects, but tolerance can definitely build over time and it may have a bad interaction with certain blood sugar medications for diabetics. (Source.)

Tribulus Terrestris can cause upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and insomnia if taken in too high of doses or for too long. (Source.)

Pine Bark Extract can decrease liver function in those with liver problems, lower blood sugar in diabetics if taking too much and increase the risk of bleeding. (Source.)

Does VasoStam Really Work?

That is a much easier question to ask than it is to actually go ahead and answer.

Yes, VasoStam pills do seem to work to increase libido and the overall “mood”, but the most important question that you should take into consideration with such a product is “will it give me a stronger and longer lasting erection?”

Unfortunately, the answer to that one is that I simply cannot say for sure.

The fact is that many of the ingredients that are in VasoStam Pills such as the Tribulus terrestris or maca root have long proven and storied histories of how they work very well as libido and overall sexual mood enhancers, but not so much as iron clad ED solutions that are going to get rid of any erection related problems in the bedroom.

There is nothing wrong with that, however, VasoStam pills are quite expensive even for male enhancement supplements and I could easily see why someone would be expecting a more full package out of their sexual enhancing pills and would want to go with something aimed more at producing strong erections as the language of the advertisements suggest.

I would say that contrary to some of its claims, it is missing some key ingredients such as L-arginine that would deliver on their promise of increasing blood flow and making for a strong and form erection that is going to last all night as most of us are looking for.

For what it is worth though, it definitely does increase mood and stamina for sure and acts as an aphrodisiac in its own right.

How To Use VasoStam?

You simply take two VasoStam pills by mouth with some water and wait for the purported effects to begin working their magic on you.

More than anything, the effects from VasoStam come from their ingredients such as Maca Root Extract and Tribulus that are going to contribute to the overall increase in sexual desire and stamina that you can expect from taking VasoStam pills yourself.

Take as directed by the manufacturer and keep in mind that some of the ingredients that I have highlighted do in fact carry their own side effects which you may or may not be sensitive to or want to at least exercise caution.

Where Can I Buy VasoStam Pills?

As of right now, you are going to have to buy VasoStam directly through the manufacturer via their website and it isn’t quite going to be cheap.

One bottle starts out at $69.95 with the best value coming from the three bottles plus two free for $149.95 which is expensive either way you slice it but if the results are worth it to you, I can understand jumping in and plopping down for their supplements.

Pros +

  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Heightened libido
  • Improved mood and energy

Cons –

  • It is expensive for a supplement of its kind
  • Potential for side effects with certain ingredients

Conclusion- Should I Buy VasoStam Pills?

I would say that VasoStam will more than likely work pretty well as a libido enhancer at the very least and its list of ingredients is one that you may have had experience with yourself, with a few exceptions, so you might even know what to expect.

It is not necessarily a revolutionary male enhancement supplement, but it has enough positive reviews and good results to suggest that it is a good option and should at least be of some use to you in your overall everyday male health.

As far as being good for giving stronger and longer lasting erections, there are plenty of claims from satisfied customers that are happy with the effects it has had in that department for them personally, but I am personally torn only because their formula does not seem to have enough to it that points to boosting blood-flow in such a significant way, but that does not mean that it won’t work for you.

The biggest knock against it that VasoStam has in my opinion would be the price.

This is only because there are so many similar and some even better male enhancement supplements out there right now that are much cheaper than VasoStam that are enough to make you think twice before opening up your wallet.

VasoStam definitely does deliver on improving mood and libido and for a lot of people it seems to work very well as an erectile dysfunction aid; if you are okay with throwing down a lot money to try it out, you just may find that you love the results.

It is definitely a better value to go with the 2-3 bottle package, but of course that is useless if you haven’t tried it out for yourself yet!

I recommend VasoStam and think it is worth giving a try for yourself.



3.7 out of 5 (39 Ratings)

Vasostam Pills claim a lot of things, but do they really work? Learn more about the ingredients, side effects, where to buy, and more.

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