Viritenz Review – Does It Really Work?

As we speak, there is probably yet another male enhancement aid that is hitting the market, turning heads and stirring up conversation.

Today, there are so many male sexual enhancers available and sifting through the sea of supplements while being able to tell the good from the bad is challenging but important.

Many of the male enhancement supplements available focus on one aspect of sexual performance, with some, such as Viritenz, concocting formulas aimed at a wide spectrum of sexual pitfalls that many men have to deal with.

This review is aimed at helping you understand what Viritenz has to offer, as well as what it is made out of why the ingredients have anything to do with male sexual enhancement in the first place.

Viritenz is another male sexual enhancement supplement that makes use of a natural blend of ingredients that synergize to boost erection strength, libido and stamina.

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Its effects build up over time, and the manufacturer claims that you should expect to see maximum results within two weeks’ time of consistently taking Viritenz.

What Is Viritenz?

viritenz reviewViritenz is described as an all-natural sexual enhancer and its ingredients point to that being true.

They boast the positive effects ranging from improved vitality, increased libido, stronger erections and even more.

It works by increasing blood flow, testosterone and providing users with boosted energy, and is advertised and raved about in their testimonials for being a performance enhancer.

Let us take a deeper look into what Viritenz really is and how it works towards an enhanced sexual experience for men, as well as how the ingredients are responsible for its effects.

How Does Viritenz Work?

Like the vast majority of male enhancement options, the formula for Virtitenz is aimed at increasing bloodflow, testosterone, energy and vitality.

It takes up to  a few weeks for users to begin experiencing the full range of effects from Viritenz according to their website, so its effects are not as immediate as some male enhancement supplements on the market, but there are claims to support its efficacy.

Viritenz Ingredients

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is used for everything from treating bacterial infections, fighting fevers, relieving stress, boosting male fertility, and of course, treating erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

Oat Straw

Taken from avena sativa, oat straw helps brain function and inflammation, as well as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. (Source.)

It increases blood flow by boosting nitric oxide in the blood. (Source.)

Oyster Extract

Rich in zinc, oyster extract can boost sex drive as well as helping to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. (Source.)

Maca Root

Maca root boosts fertility for men, reduce stress and act as an aphrodisiac, although there is not a significant amount of evidence to suggest that it has male enhancing properties. (Source.)

Ginseng Blend

Ginseng can help with everything from damaged nerves and diabetes, to reducing stress, impotence and increasing the user’s energy. (Source.)

Pumpkin Seed Powder

Believe it or not, pumpkin seed powder helps with erectile dysfunction much in the same way as oyster extract by being chock full of zinc and many people report that it also works to boost libido. (Source.)

Do the Ingredients Carry Possible Side Effects?

Maca root contains something called goitrogens which have been known to affect the thyroid glands functions, particularly if you already have a thyroid condition. (Source.)

Oyster extract can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating, as well as potential breakouts of acne in some users. (Source.)

Ginseng extract can have adverse effects such as increased heart rate, diarrhea, headache, tenderness in the chest, and insomnia. (Source.)

While rare, Tongkat Ali can cause insomnia, anxiety, and tension. (Source.)

Does Viritenz Actually Work?

If you dig through the sea of testimonials and user reviews, you will find every kind of review that you could imagine for Viritenz.

Some people claim it works like a miracle and other claim that it had little to no effect on them.

With a supplement like Viritenz it is important to remember that it takes a few weeks to build up and reach its maximum efficacy so the best results will not come right away.

How To Use Virtitenz

Viritenz is simple to use as you just take one pill a day and wait for the full effects to build over time.

They claim that you will begin to notice effects in a reasonable amount of time and give the disclaimer on their website that for some people it can take a few weeks to reach the full potential of Viritenz.

Viritenz does in fact offer a 30 day money back guarantee in the event that customers are not satisfied with the results that come out of it

Where Can You Buy Viritenz?

You can easily find Viritenz in store at GNC, Walgreens, Walmart and of course, through their official website online.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Natural, organic ingredient formula
  • Several positive user reviews
  • Several of the ingredients have benefits beyond sexual function.


  • Little evidence to substance the claims
  • No clinical trials and studies are available for the public. Only paid testimonials on their website.

Conclusion- Is it Worth Trying Viritenz?

Being that Viritenz comes in at a reasonable price and is made of natural and common ingredients, it is worth trying out this male enhancement supplement.

As far as male enhancement alternatives go, Virtitenz has a pretty assuring list of ingredients, and if you have tried a handful of male enhancers, you will more than likely recommend many of them from ginseng to maca root.

With that being said, it’s always a good idea to check with your physician to be sure it does not interact with your current medications, and that you are not allergic to any of the active ingredients that make up Viritenz.

If you think that Viritenz is for you, remember to be patient as its effects build up and present themselves over time, and if you experience any side effects, tell your medical care provider about it.

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