Montezuma’s Secret Review: Does It Really Work?

After men get to a certain age, they can have a number of different physical limitations that may keep them from doing what they were once able to.

For many, erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating limitation that keeps them and their partner from being intimate.

Well, this doesn’t have to be an issue that you continue to live with.

With the help of Montezuma’s Secret, an erectile dysfunction supplement, you don’t have to limit yourself and you can enjoy the pleasures you have before.

With a mix of all-natural ingredients, this supplement offers you a safer alternative to the prescription pills and gives you the stamina that you want to last longer and improve your libido so that you and your partner can have a healthy sex life at any age.

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In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the ingredients, functions, and side effects associated with this supplement so that you can have a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of taking these supplements for erectile dysfunction so that you can make an informed decision about whether you think that these will work for you.

What is Montezuma’s Secret Supplement?

montezumas secret reviewThe Montezuma’s Secret supplement is an alternative to the prescription medications that are made for erectile dysfunction for older males and those who are having some physical limitations in regards to intimacy and sex.

This supplement uses all-natural ingredients to help improve the lasting physical effects of an erection and boosts your libido so that you are able to remain erect for the entirety of your time with your partner.

With the help of this supplement, you can have longer-lasting erections that allow you to have longer-love making sessions and enhance your intimacy with your partner that can help rekindle the fire in your relationship regardless of how old you are.

The history of this supplement goes back to King Montezuma of Spain who was known for his great virility.

The story is that he drank a strange mixture of ingredients before having relations with a woman, which resulted in him having a large number of children.

This mixture was researched by Dr. Eric Wood and Dr. Frank, who used factual evidence from the past to find out the five flavonoids that were mixed together to make this cocktail.

After much trial and error, these men found an effective mix of these ingredients that gives the desired effect of long-lasting erections and improved libido.

This resulted in the blend that is now sold as Montezuma’s Secret supplement.

How Does Montezuma’s Secret Work?

Montezuma’s Secret uses a blend of ingredients that are raw and potent to work against erectile dysfunction and sexual anxiety that may keep yours from being able to perform.

This mix boosts your libido naturally so that you are able to last longer and have a higher sex drive that will allow you to have sex more often.

With ingredients that help to calm your anxiety, you will be able to have a relaxed demeanor and feel more comfortable and confident when thinking about and preparing for sex.

With the libido-boosting ingredients, you will also have a higher sex drive and the physical stamina to last longer and have sex more often.

With these supplements, the dose works more effectively if the capsules are taken three times a day.

This will allow for the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Ingredients in Montezuma’s Secret / Side Effects

This erectile dysfunction supplement is made of the best all-natural ingredients that make this a great alternative to prescription medications.

Second Prime has taken all of the rights over these ingredients so that only their product could have the best mix of ingredients to have the strongest formula.

  • These special ingredients are:
  • Lepidium Meyenii
  • High Flavanol Cocoa
  • Barrenwort Leaves or ‘Epimedium’
  • Korean Panax Ginseng

Lepidium Meyenii

Lepidium Meyenii is an edible herbaceous plant that is found in the high Andes mountains of Peru.

This plant is known to reduce the physical symptoms associated with anxiety and depression and can make you feel more relaxed.

Lepidium Meyenii is not associated with any health risks and is highly unlikely to cause any side effects when taken in moderate doses.

However, this ingredient does have an effect on hormones and people with issues with their thyroid should avoid it.

High Flavanol Cocoa

High Flavanol Cocoa has a high level of antioxidants that helps improve functions in many different areas of the body. From heart health to increased circulation, this ingredient helps your overall body functions so that you feel healthier.

High Flavanol Cocoa works to improve your sexual function by increasing the amount of circulation that goes to your penis, which will help you get and sustain an erection.

This ingredient contains a small amount of caffeine, so having too much of it could cause a number of caffeine-related side effects.

These could include effects such as increased nervousness, increased urination, sleeplessness, and a fast heartbeat.

There may also be a chance of an allergic reaction in the skin, constipation, or migraines.

Barrenwort Leaves or ‘Epimedium’

Barrenwort Leaves or ‘Epimedium’ is a natural aphrodisiac that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years and has shown beneficial effects on the brain, heart, and libido.

With an increase in desire, this herb has also been shown to increase testosterone levels in rat studies, although this has not been scientifically tested in humans thus far.

Barrenwort Leaves or ‘Epimedium’ is safe in low doses but has a number of different side effects that could occur that include dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth, thirstiness, nose bleeds, muscle spasms, severe breathing problems, and irregular heartbeats.

These could occur when the dose is too high, and these side effects are typically associated with those who have other health problems.

Korean Panax Ginseng

Korean Panax Ginseng is a perennial plant that grows in the mountains of Eastern Asia. Ginseng in all its forms is known to increase your energy levels without the use of caffeine or other stimulants.

This natural energy booster will give you more energy so that you will have the stamina to last longer in bed.

The use of Korean Panax Ginseng in this supplement is known to cause insomnia and trouble sleeping in some users because of the energy boost that it gives you.

This is the most common side effect associated with ginseng, however, there are rare effects that could cause increased heart rate, high or low blood pressure, headache, loss of appetite, diarrhea, itching, rash, dizziness, and mood changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

With all this new information about this product, there may be some questions that come up.

In anticipation of the questions that you might have, you have taken a look at some other customer questions online and found answers so that you can get all the necessary information that you need to make your final decision about whether or not to purchase this supplement for yourself and your partner.

Is Montezuma’s Secret safe to use?

This product is relatively safe to use for most customers. However, you should always take to your doctor before starting on any new supplement to ensure that the ingredients don’t interact with any of the medications that you are currently on.

There are some side effects that are associated with the use of this supplement which most commonly affects your sleep pattern and could cause insomnia.

Because of the effect on hormones that these ingredients have, those who have thyroid issues should avoid this supplement.

What is the main ingredient in Montezuma’s Secret?

There are four main ingredients that are used in the making of this supplement and these are: Lepidium Meyenii, High Flavanol Cocoa, Barrenwort Leaves or ‘Epimedium’, Korean Panax Ginseng.

All of these ingredients are all-natural and offer a holistic approach to erectile dysfunction medicines.

Pros and Cons


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Few serious side effects
  • Under $50 price point
  • Reduces performance anxiety
  • Boost libido and performance
  • Boosts energy naturally


  • Those with thyroid issues should avoid this supplement
  • Must take three a day to get the best effects
  • Bottles come with 90 pills in each and will last one only one month with the recommended dosage

Where To Buy

Montezuma’s Secret supplement can be found at GNC retail stores in your area, and many other nutritional retailers.

The price may vary at different locations, but the average price hovers around 35-40 dollars a bottle for a 90-pill option.


Montezuma’s Secret supplement gives men an all-natural option that will help them get lasting effects in the bedroom without the side effects and dangers that comes with traditional prescription medications.

With the boost that this supplement will give your libido and the reduction in your anxiety leading up to having sex, you will feel more relaxed and have a higher sex drive.

With the help of this supplement, you can increase your desire and be able to get and hold an erection for a longer time so that you and your partner can improve your sex life.


  1. Lepidium Meyenii –
  2. Cocoa –
  3. Epimedium –
  4. Panax Ginseng –

General FAQ

Does Montezuma’s Secret really work?

For some people it does, for others it doesn't. It seems like the vast majority of guys that get good results with it are in the younger category, generally in their 20's and early 30's.

What are the side effects?

Despite the manufacturer claiming otherwise, Montezumas Secret does have the potential for side effects. They include headache, dizziness, body aches, diarrhea, and nausea.

How do I tell the difference between real and fakes?

That's difficult to tell. The real Montezuma Secret is nearly identical to the fake ones. Our best recommendation is that you buy it direct from the manufacturer.

How quick does Montezuma's Secret take to work?

Generally speaking, you should start to feel the effects within the first 30 - 45 min. The best results are usually seen within an hour.

How much does it cost?

You can buy Montezuma's Secret pills on Amazon for as little as $34.97 for a one month supply.

Montezuma’s Secret

Montezuma’s Secret

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Montezuma’s Secret isn't actually a secret at all. It's an all natural pill that gets you hard, or at least claims to.

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