Bio Jolt Review – Does It Really Work?

It is difficult for some male enhancement supplements to emerge with all of the competition that is out there.

Because there are so many to choose from for the millions of men that deal with ED, there are endless supplements catered to helping with it.

That is a good thing, and there has never been a time like this when as far male enhancement supplements being available.

Where it gets a little muddy, however, is determining if one is worth checking out or not.

Many male enhancement use the same kind of lingo, advertisements, and overall aesthetic to appeal to men in need of it.

Sometimes, however, the way that they go about it is a little bit sneaky and even downright silly depending on how you look at it.

Either way, at least we live in a time when there are so many to choose from.

One interesting male enhancement supplement I have tried recently is Bio Jolt.

For the most part, there is a lack of solid information about the supplement all in one place.

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Don’t worry, however, because I have pieced it together from the menagerie of sources with little tidbits of information about the supplement.

Male enhancement supplements can do wonders for men dealing with problems in the bedroom.

They are often a cheaper and safer alternative to prescription strength ED drugs, and can save you an awkward visit to the doctor’s office.

Let’s take a close look at Bio Jolt and see how it works and what it is made out of.

What is Bio Jolt?

bio jolt male enhancement support reviewBio Jolt is a male enhancement supplement intended to curb erectile dysfunction and improve sexual activity.

As you will see, the formula that it uses includes some classic aphrodisiacs and blood flow improvers that have a good track record of working.

The prime function of Bio Jolt is directing blood flow to the corpora cavernosa which ultimately results in strong and long lasting erections.

How Does Bio Jolt Work?

Besides stimulating blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa, Bio Jolt claims that it can also increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, is what is responsible for our muscle mass, hair, sex drive and ability to perform in the bedroom.

In theory, male enhancement supplements that address testosterone can be quite effective because it gets to the root of what is often times the problem.

Bio Jolt also claims that it works to give you sexual energy for longer and better performance.

With its natural formula, Bio Jolt contains a large number of antioxidants which is good for regenerating cells and forming tissue.

At least, that is what Bio Jolt says.

The only issue with knowing for sure, is that whatever hub of information they used to have seems to be long gone.

Now what we are left with is breadcrumb trail to piece information together with online.

Along that trail, I encountered wild claims, bold testimonials and even a mention of a certain TV show that many supplements in the past have falsely claimed ties to.

We will get into all of that later, though.

For now, let’s check out what goes into Bio Jolt’s formula.

What Are Bio Jolt’s Ingredients?

Horny Goat Weed

Also known as Epimedium, it is an aphrodisiac that can also help with ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction, bronchitis, and heart disease. (Source)

It has also been shown to be effective for people with liver disease, memory loss, osteoporosis, and joint pain. (Source)

Tongkat Ali Extract

It is a stress and anxiety remover, and because it is full of many antioxidants, Tongkat Ali can help to repair cells that were damaged by free radicals. (Source)

There is also evidence that suggests that it can increase testosterone levels and possibly even improve male fertility right down to sperm production. (Source)

Saw Palmetto Extract

It comes from a fruit bearing tree and can reduce prostate size for this with an enlarged prostate or other prostate conditions. (Source)

Wild Yam Extract

It comes from the wild yam plant which contains a chemical that can break down into DHEA, estrogen and other steroids and is mostly used for women in menopause. (Source)

There is less evidence to support how effective it is, but it is also used for gallbladder problems, infertility, osteoporosis, arthritis and as a libido booster for men and women. (Source)

Nettle Extract

It has been used to treat many physical ailments ranging from back pain and inflammation, to an enlarged prostate. (Source)

Loaded with antioxidants, it can also help with cell repair and it stimulates blood flow directly by boosting nitric oxide (NO) production. (Source)

Do Any of Bio Jolt’s Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Horny Goat Weed can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, nosebleeds and in more severe cases, a change in heart rate or in rare cases, liver toxicity. (Source)

Tongkat Ali may does not currently have known side effects, however, many sources of Tongkat Ali contain mercury which when consumed in too high of doses can lead to mercury poisoning. (Source)

Saw Palmetto extract can cause diahrea, constipation, headache, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness in some cases. (Source)

Wild yam extract does not have many known side effects, however, if you have a condition that could be made worse by estrogen, it could have an ill effect on you. (Source)

Nettle extract does not have side effects that people are currently aware of, however, it should be avoided by pregnant women or people taking blood thinners, lithium or blood pressure medication. (Source)

Does Bio Jolt Really Work?

As a libido booster, Bio Jolt does work.

The formula contains many ingredients that can naturally increase sex drive and sexual energy.

For erectile dysfunction, that is a little bit more complicated.

If low libido is the cause of your ED, then it should be an effective treatment.

However, in more moderate to severe cases, I am not sure if there is enough here to stimulate blood flow where it needs to go.

Combine that with the lack of information and some strange things surrounding the supplement, and it is hard to say for certain.

I will say that Bio Jolt is one of those sneaky ED pills cashing in on the Shark Tank scam.

If you are not familiar with it, it is a common trick that male enhancement supplements have been using.

Essentially, any given male enhancement supplement attaches themselves to a commonly used article claiming that it was a raving success on Shark Tank.

One such supplement is Bio Jolt and it is not true at all, period.

That raises some serious red flags and does not do much to instill faith in Bio Jolt or the people behind it.

That, and some of their ridiculous claims such as “now available without a prescription” as if something like this would ever be prescription only.

The amount of red tape surrounding Bio Jolt is a little unnerving.

How To Use Bio Jolt

While they do not have an official website up anymore to refer to, you can find screen grabs of their old site.

On the site, it says that Bio Jolt is a cumulative supplement that takes a while before peaks effects are reached with daily use.

You take three Bio Jolt pills by mouth daily and wait for the effects to come.

It is not one of those male enhancement supplements that is “take as needed”, so you can’t count on taking it directly before sexual activity.

Where to Find Bio Jolt

That is even trickier to track down.

I have found evidence that at one point in time you could simply google it, find their site and buy directly from them.

That is not the case anymore, however.

Now, the only way to even find a link to what was once their online store is through a few old “reviews”.

I say “reviews” because they are very sales oriented.

The problem there, is that when you click on those links to “rush my order” it takes you to an entirely different male enhancement supplement making similarly crazy promises.

Pros +

  • Natural ingredients
  • Low risk

Cons –

  • Capitalized on common Shark Tank scam
  • Difficult to track down information
  • Makes claims that are false or unrealistic

Conclusion- Should I Try Bio Jolt Myself?

In short, if gut instinct counts for anything, I do not think so.

Even if by some chance you were able to track it down properly, there is not enough to suggest it is worth it.

There are some wild claims that they make and there is no evidence that any of it is true.

With that said, some of its ingredients are pretty impressive and it may be an effective libido booster for some people.

However, considering how many male enhancement supplements there are right now, there is no reason to settle for one that is mysterious.

Not to mention, lying about having been a smash hit on Shark Tank is enough to make me think twice about recommending it to somebody.

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