Virility Ex Review: Does It Really Work?

The recent surveys in the world show that most of the people are not satisfied with their sexual lives. This is also because most of the men these days are living with huge expectations and want to please their women.

However, nowadays there is a solution to almost every sexual problem. You can use different sexual supplements and enjoy a very happy sex life.

There are countless supplements available in the market which can be used for male enhancement. You cannot select one out of it and label it as the perfect one. Sexual performance declines with the time that is why we need some kind of energy booster to keep up our sexual life.

Today we are going to discuss Virility Ex and how it can impact your sexual life.

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What is Virility Ex?

virility ex reviewThe product is most commonly known as a male enhancement. Well, you must be thinking that will it work for you or not and what are specifications of the product which makes it a good choice for the customers.

The best thing about Virility Ex is that it is not just a supplement it is much more than that. It not only enhances your penis but helps your sexual experience as well by making you even stronger.

It will give you more size both for the short term and long term as well. This will not only enhance your erection but also enhances your libido.

One more good thing about the product is that it is available online and almost shipped to the most parts of the world.

The product contains natural ingredients in it which are all proven to assist the male enhancement and increase their sexual experience for sure.

The product contains herbal extracts, vitamins and amino acids in it which all help to relax the blood vessels of the body and of the penis as well. This means that more natural blood flow towards the penis and the erections become stronger.

More blood to the penis also means that you get a bigger and harder erection and you will also have a lot more control over your erection.

If you are continuously using Virility Ex, it will also increase the overall size of your penis and straighten it as well. This means that it can also help in curing the curved penis.

The product is very simple and contains simple nutritional supplements in it. Most of them are already taken by us in our day and have no negative effects on the body.

We all look for the medicines with a more natural touch and this is the right choice for all those having problems in their sexual life.

However, it is good to ask your doctor before using the natural supplement because he is well aware of your medical condition and helps you take the right decision.

Virility Ex is produced in New York under the certified facilities of GMP. The company which produces the product is not mentioned on their official portal.

The product claims to be very effective in helping make enhancement and is a supplement for it. It is manufactured using organic ingredients which boost the sexual performance, stamina and sexual drive in men.

The product is also known for its fast effect and gives positive outcomes when used as per the given prescription.

The working of the product is very simple; the clinically tested ingredients which are used in the product will help in boosting the circulation of blood in the body. It will also boost the production of sex hormones and produce more energy which will help you during sex.

In short, they work together in promoting arousal, erection and give you control and focus during the sexual activity.

What are the ingredients in Virility Ex?

Most of the ingredients of the product are very simple and natural and positively affect your penis.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide will help to enhance the function of the prostate and also improve the production of the sperms. In short, it helps to increase the overall size of your penis and also increase the production of the testosterone and boost up the fertility as well.

Zinc is not bad at all for the body and is used in most of the sex supplements.

Selenium Chelate

It also helps in improving your fertility and combats your erectile dysfunction as well.

Korean Ginseng Standardized Extract

This is also intended to give you really hard erection which can help you increase your sexual satisfaction.

Saw Palmetto standardized extract

This will help in treating the signs of the enlarged prostate. Saw Palmetto also improves the count of sperm and fights low sex drive as well. Saw Palmetto is also a very helping ingredient and used in prostate medicines. It can increase the sex drive by producing more testosterone.

Beta Sitosterols

It will also help you with your sexual activity and helps you fight enlarged prostate.

Selenium is said to have an effect on the circulation of the blood but it is not enough to help the sex drive. Arginine or epimedium are more helpful in increasing the sex drive and lead to more firm erections. Selenium is beneficial for circulatory health and not for erections.

Now that you have an idea of all the ingredients used in the product are completely safe to use and gives you long time benefits.

What are the side effects of Virility Ex?

All the ingredients used in the product are clinically tested and have no side effect on the man. You can easily use the product, almost all the organic ingredients are used in this product.

Feedback / Reviews from customers

There are not enough reviews about the product on Amazon which shows it is not very popular and most of the reviews are not positive. Most of them are calling it just a waste of money and it is not performing as advertised.

One customer says on Amazon;

“Did not offer anything for me. Will not ever reorder”

Another customer gave a 5-star rating and said,

“It’s a very good product. Just the way I’ve been expected. Thank you very much.”

Pros and Cons of Virility Ex


  • The product is completely natural which is why it can help in boosting your sexual performance. It can also help in getting the right concentration during sex.
  • It also helps in boosting the fertility, libido and the prolonged erection in men.
  • The natural compounds show that the product is competent.
  • They are providing free shipment to all the domestic customers with some gifts and discounts as well to the customers who are purchasing in bulk.


  • They are not offering any free trials.
  • The company behind the production is not mentioned which questions the quality of the product.
  • The quality of the website is also very low and it is making some false claims as well about their product.
  • Some legal parts on the website show that the company is not responsible if the product does not work as promised. This again questions about the quality and working of the product.
  • The powerful sex driven ingredients are missing from the ingredients such as Epimedium and Tribulus.
  • It only has 10 reviews on Amazon and most of them are bad.

Where to buy Virility Ex?

You can look for the product on the official website of the company and also order it from Amazon.


The product made some very big claims but the reviews and some other factors are not helping it at all. The product claims to have a natural dietary supplement which is produced for the consumption of men and help them during sexual activities.

The ingredients are clinically tested so it is completely safe to use them for sure and are effective as well.

The supplement will directly boost your energy level and the circulation of the blood into the penis which results in a stronger and longer erection.

The erection and concentration is firm which enables quality sex and satisfaction to the user.

It claims to help the increase in the sperms and the volume of the semen as well which surely increases the experience.

The good thing about the product is that it uses no synthetic additives which are dangerous for the body. It doesn’t have any negative effect on the body.

Some other supplements, including Thunder Rock and Viswiss, on the other hand, do.

Another good thing about the product is that it is GMP certified and made under its facilities which shows that you can use it without any second thought.

The product is available to the customers with discount offers and free gifts as well. Domestic free delivery is also provided and the refund policy is also applicable to the products.

If you are suffering from low libido and other sexual dysfunction you can try this product for sure but it is surely not the best among the market as the reviews by customers says. However, it does not have any bad effect on overall health.


Virility Ex

Virility Ex

3.5 out of 5 (39 Ratings)

Virlity Ex claims that their all natural formula will help you be better in bed, allowing you to last longer and just overall increase your performance.