Viswiss Pill Reviews

ViSwiss is a sexual performance pill used by the men’s. This pill is used to increase the hardening during the erection of their penis.

This also increases the frequency during the erection and increases their desire during the sex. In short, it can help you perform better during sex.

The manufacturers assure the safety of the product. People with cardiovascular problems and diabetics can also use this pill for sexual needs.

Unlike MX Male, The pill comes up with zero side effects and lasts for almost three days.

We are going to review that is it the pill needed to complete all of your sexual desires and the right formula for the sexual enhancement?

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Is the product fulfilling its promises or not?

Let us discuss it in the article.

What is ViSwiss?

viswiss reviewsThis is not like a drug so we can call it a dietary supplement. It actually contains herbal extracts and plants and other substances which will help the body to assist all the natural processes.

This does not force anything on the body. The manufacturer of the pill claims that its ingredients naturally interact with the hormones centers of the brain and the nervous system.

As a result, it induces more feelings which then lead us to the sexual arousals.

This pill also increases the circulation of the blood as well. This means that it is also intended to drive a lot more blood towards the penis which results in more firm erection which lasts for a longer time.

The official portal of the website gives a lot of promises for their product but obviously, they all are not true.

The promises or the taglines of the pill say that you will become a sex god and would be loved by the women’s and what else do you need.

They do call it the best product in the world but it is also another typical sexual pill which enhances sexual capabilities and has no magical powers as claimed by the manufacturers.

The manufacturer of the product promises that if not more than the product is a direct competition to the leading pills in the given area like Cialis and Viagra which are also used for the sexual desires.

Now let us talk about the people who are making claims about the magical powers of this product.

This pill is actually made by a company known as Nathan’s Natural and the company is actually based in New York.

This is a nutraceutical company which manufactures different nutritional supplements and ViSwiss is one of their products.

If you try to find the mentioned product on their official portal, you won’t get enough help because they only displayed two main products on their website one of which is for cardio health and the other one is for acne.

This is a shocking thing that why such an important product is not mentioned on their website if they claim it to be the best in the world and solves all the sexual problems.

What are the ingredients in ViSwiss?

The product claims to have 11 ingredients in it but only 5 of them are listed. Well, we did some research and found the other 6 ingredients of the product as well.

Here is the breakdown of the ingredients used in this product.


This is an amino acid which is mostly used in the nutritional supplements. This dilates the blood vessels which increases the circulation. This supplement is used by many other formulas in their ingredients. This formula is known for driving flow of blood to the genitalia. This is why it leads to fuller erections in men.


This one is an American herb. This is traditionally used for the ailment of different healing. One of the healing is low sexual desire. It is supposed that both genders feel more aroused after using this herb.

Avena Sativa

This is also called oat straw. This one is an old remedy used in the Mediterranean for improving the low sexual desire in the male gender. This is supposed to affect the hormones especially the ones which lead to sexual desires in men.


This one is a Peruvian Plant mostly used in the dietary products. This plant is also related to hormones or sex. This plant is said to be effective for the hypothalamus. This will also regulate the hormones in the body; this is why Maca is a very popular ingredient and is often used in sex supplements.

Saw Palmetto

This is another ingredient used in the ViSwiss. This is used for the treatment of enlarged prostate. This is used by the ViSwiss because it also affects the genitalia as well. However, the effects of Saw Palmetto are not very obvious but it does play role in improving sexual drives which is why used is sexual supplements.

What are the side effects of ViSwiss?

Although all of the ingredients used in the ViSwiss are natural they do have some side effects as well.

Some sources claim that the company uses Saw Palmetto in the product and epimedium as well. These two products are considered bad for human health and can cause some serious problems as well. These are known to have an effect on the body immediately and cause dizziness and headache as well.

These two ingredients can also have a long-term effect and damage your liver and kidney as well which questions the reliability of the product because it can give you sexual drive but at the cost of your health.

Feedback / Reviews from customers

The feedback and reviews from the customers about ViSwiss are not very satisfactory.

The worst thing is that you won’t find many reviews from the customers about this which further questions about the popularity of the product.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the company is very bad for the customers and has a D grade.

It deals very poorly with their customers. Some of the customers also claim that the product is not working as advertised by the company and the company is also not refunding as per their original policy which questions their quality.

Customer satisfaction is very important for the companies especially when you are working in the online business and so far ViSwiss is not good in this category. Most of such companies are ready to do anything for their customers and make sure that they are satisfied. It is very difficult to get a refund from them. The thing which concerns the customers, even more, is that the product is not working as promised by the company.

Pros and Cons

Let us discuss some pros and cons of the product.


  • The best thing about it is that only organic and natural ingredients are used in this product.
  • Easily useable without any type of special prescription
  • This will increase the pleasure during sexual activity.
  • The product will prevent your premature ejaculation during sex.
  • This will not affect your cardio system at all.


  • This contains an extract named Yohimbe which is very dangerous for men.
  • The customer service of the company is very poor.
  • The price of this product is much higher than its competitors.
  • Some reviews say that it causes headaches.

Where to buy

You can easily buy ViSwiss from  Unfortunately you will not find it in stores like Walmart.


ViSwiss is not recommended to the customers if you are looking for the best natural product to cure erectile dysfunction. The ingredients of the product are somewhat similar to other products of the sexual supplements but the problem is of the company manufacturing it. Nathan Natural is not seen as a reliable company looking at the reviews of the customers and the way they are responding to the queries of the customers of their product.

Besides this, the official portal of the company is giving wrong information about the product and making some false claims. The company claims that the product contains only natural supplements which have no side effect at all but this should not be blindly trusted. This product and all other similar products have some side effects which are not informed by the company.

Especially the ingredients like saw palmetto and epimedium are used in it which has some serious side effects on human health like dizziness, headaches and other problems linked to kidney and liver.

The customers must be very careful because the sexual drive is very important but not at the cost of their health.

Additionally, the customers are charged for the product and are supposed to receive the product afterward. They are not likely to get a refund for the product if it is not useful. The company claims to provide a refund but some recent complaints show that they are not taking serious actions regarding the refund.

These are some of the reasons which show that ViSwiss is not a trusted product and you can something else for the sexual drive because some other products are having much better reviews by the customers.



2.6 out of 5 (87 Ratings)

Viswiss pills promise a lot of things, but according to many of the reviews it doesn't actually deliver.