TestRX Review

It is perhaps an untold secret that the vast majority of men over 40 suffer from low testosterone levels.

Lower than average testosterone can lead to all types of issues, including obesity caused by a slow metabolism, low muscle mass, sexual dysfunction like no libido and overall low energy.

That’s why many men may opt for testosterone replacement therapy. While the treatment is beneficial, it isn’t without adverse effects and needing an injection a few times a month may not be something you want to do forever.

Fortunately, it is possible to raise your testosterone levels to normal or the upper range of normal and all without having to inject anything.

Plus if you use an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement like TestRX, then there are no adverse effects associated with it either.

Now because there are so many supplements that promise to boost testosterone levels naturally don’t work, many men are naturally suspicious of even a reputed product like TestRX.

While the vast majority of men who have used TestRX claim that it has changed their lives, to understand how effective the product is and why we’ve had to do a bit of digging for this article.

In this TestRX review, we will dive into how the product works, why it works and if we recommend that you use it to raise your testosterone levels naturally effectively.

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What is TestRX?

does testrx really workTestRX has over the years proven to be one of the most effective and highly popular testosterone boosters.

The supplement has been around for a while now and has a pretty significant fan following of men that swear by it.

TestRX is a natural testosterone booster, made from all-natural ingredients in an FDA-approved manufacturing facility.

By its very definition, the facility is free from chemicals, allergens or any other type of toxins.

The ingredients used in the preparation of the supplement are sourced from some leading suppliers across the world.

The company claims not to use any fillers, or low-quality herbs ensuring that the formulation offers men the most potent boost of testosterone.

Unlike a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) shot, TestRX works by getting the body to produce its own testosterone naturally.

Sure, as we age, our testosterone levels start to decline. However, that declined can be slowed down considerably as well as reversed in some cases.

When coupled with daily weight lifting exercises, TestRX has been shown to reverse low testosterone in mere months.

Continue taking the supplement, and your body will sustain its normal testosterone levels without having ever to take an injection.

The TestRX Formulation / Ingredients

To truly understand how TestRX works, it is essential to know what’s included in the formulation.

The formulation, as stated above, mainly consists of a combination of various herbs. We’ll go into the main ingredients more in-depth below.

Zinc Monomethionine

Ask any doctor, bodybuilder or researchers, and they will tell you that Zinc is an essential mineral when it comes to testosterone production.

That’s why 99.9% of testosterone boosters include zinc, but not all zinc is equal.

In fact, a 2017 study concluded that the daily intake of zinc leads to an increase in testosterone production.

Zinc also improves sperm quality, motility and count.

Magnesium Aspartate

It is another essential mineral in the production of testosterone. It also works by increasing oxygen levels within the muscles, and that translates to more muscle mass.

It also means lower fat content, and because magnesium raises energy levels, it also makes men more active in bed and otherwise.

D-Aspartic Acid

Now this is another ingredient that plays an important role in boosting testosterone levels.

Using D-Aspartic Acid can help the body increase its production but also promotes the production of sperm cells.

In other words, if you are a man looking to have kids, your diet or supplement should include this ingredient.

Fenugreek seed Extract

Now this is one ingredient that most men will need because it works by burning stored yet unnecessary fat in the body.

It is an ingredient that’s been investigated quite a bit by health experts, and the benefits it offers are real.

However, in addition to burning fat, it also helps the body hang on to lean tissue, as well as improve reproductive health.

Vitamin B6

B6 helps with the production of androgen, which in turn means increasing the body’s ability to produce more testosterone.

Plus, most if not all men feel the benefits of more androgen in their bodies like more lean tissue and higher energy being some of them.

Vitamin D3

Numerous studies over the years have touched on the importance of D3 in the production of testosterone.

However, in addition to testosterone production D3 also helps with improving other aspects of male health, which is why its addition to TestRX’s formulation plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the supplement.

Vitamin K2

K2 helps the intestines absorb more calcium, and that consequently means being able to fend off osteoporosis.

Plus, it helps to boost testosterone which is why it has been included in the formulation.

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What Makes TestRX Stand Out?

Over the years, what has made TextRX stand out is its all-natural, herbal formula and that men have benefitted from it greatly.

Hundreds of men from around the world testify to the effectiveness of TextRX and how it has changed their lives.

Some men who had given up on life or were living off testosterone injections discovered that TestRX was a significant game-changer for them.

The other thing that stands out about TestRX is that unlike other competing products, Leading Edge Health does not hide behind a statement like “proprietary blend” or “trademarked formula”.

The company is very forthcoming about what the formulation includes on its website.

Each ingredient can be independently researched online to verify the claims that Leading Edge Health makes.

Many men will also like the fact that TestRX has no adverse effects.

Whether you decide to take the recommended dose or up it for some reason, there are no adverse effects.

There is no way you can overdose on it. Plus, the supplement can be used by just about anyone.

However, we advise that men with pre-existing conditions should consult with a doctor before using the supplement.

Also, make sure to check the ingredients to ensure that they aren’t allergic to any of the herbs listed.

Other than that the supplement is perfectly safe.

What Clinical Studies Support TestRX?

Every ingredient used in TestRX’s formulation has been clinically studied and tested.

In fact, many of the ingredients have been extensively tested; some of them have been only preliminary tested.

The results for just about every component have been positive when it comes to boosting testosterone.

Now many people ask if TestRX has been clinically studied and tested in a clinical setting? The answer to that is no.

Not many doctors and researchers are keen about testing specific products in a clinical setting.

Clinical trials are mainly set up for drugs because that’s where big pharma makes billions.

However, the only reason why researchers study an individual herb like fenugreek seed extract is to see how it can be used in the development of often synthetic alternatives for drugs.

The other interesting thing about modern science is that with so many pressing medical issues, researching male testosterone enhancement takes a backseat.

While most scientists and even doctors widely accept that the production of testosterone goes down with age, they also accept for the most part that it can’t be raised.

That’s despite overwhelming evidence by the scientific community and by supplements like TestRX that suggest the contrary.

Hundreds of men attest to the fact that TestRX has changed their lives by fixing their testosterone levels.

Sure they aren’t at super phycological levels like when people are on TRT, but it is also without any adverse effects.

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Month By Month Progress with TestRX

After doing a bit of research, I found that the effects of TestRX tend to peak at the beginning of the first month.

However, many men have reported seeing positive effects after just the first week of taking the supplement.

That said, as a prospective user, you might be interested in knowing exactly how the supplement starts taking effect and how to recognize that it is working.

While every man is different, below is a more generalized outline of what to expect.

Also, unlike drugs that are designed to raise testosterone or synthetic testosterone injections, you won’t see positive effects from the very first day.

It takes time for the body to absorb the supplement, which then needs to reach certain levels before the body can start producing more testosterone.

The First Month

During the first, most men will start experiencing higher energy levels.

Some men have reported feeling twice as more energetic as they once were.

However, that can be attributed to better sleep, which too is a direct consequence of the supplement.

Somehow it seems that men are able to sleep better, starting from the end of the first week of taking TestRX.

Another notable difference that many men usually report at the beginning of their third week of taking it regularly is feeling more positive.

Men report not feeling depressed, feeling happier and having an overall more positive outlook on life.

We are not sure what is causing that, but some preliminary research indicates that it’s the body producing more testosterone; naturally, that’s causing it.

Men who have been working out in the weight room for some time report seeing positive changes in their body composition.

They (users) report appearing more ripped towards the end of the first month.

Some even report having more facial hair which could be attributed to more testosterone, but we don’t know for sure.

The Second Month

The second month is when the more apparent differences start surfacing.

Men report seeing more muscle mass starting from the sixth week.

Some even report feeling stronger and having more energy after the gym.

Many men taking the supplement through the seventh week, say that they don’t feel the need to nap much during the day.

That once power nap that they thought was necessary was no longer needed.

Not only that but men who work stressful jobs notice that they no longer have brain fog, suffer from depression or are easily distracted.

In fact, most men taking TestRX don’t suffer from procrastination as they once did.

Toward the end of the second month, there is a boost in libido.

Married men or those with partners now feel the more frequent need to have sex.

That’s another sign of higher testosterone levels and often sets the bar for how effective the supplement is overall.

The Third Month

The third month is when men will start to see more of what they were already experiencing during the first and second month.

What that means is more muscle mass, more energy, higher libido and more mental clarity.

Many men who were once on TRT report that they didn’t feel the need for it by the mid to end of the third month.

However, that’s mainly because the supplement has kicked their previously dormant natural testosterone production into high gear.

Here’s a link to their official website: www.TestRX.com

Be Careful When Searching for TestRX Online

TestRX is a highly successful and popular supplement. It is so popular that many knockoffs are being sold using similar branding, fonts and colors.

So, to avoid ending up with a knockoff that does not offer a moneyback guarantee, it is best to buy TestRX from the company’s official website.

Do I Recommend TestRX?

Honestly, there is no reason why I wouldn’t recommend TestRX. The most significant reason why I recommend it is because the supplement works.

Out of hundreds of supplements that promise to raise testosterone levels, TestRX is one of the few that works.

After having seen the results that TestRX promises firsthand, I’m convinced that men should at least give the supplement a fair shot before opting for something like TRT.

After all, it does not cost a lot, and with a moneyback guarantee, you can think of it as a risk-free trial.

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