Extenze Review

Many men deal with Erectile Difficulties  in the bedroom, very often even when there is an erection, the result isn’t as hard and having penetrative sex can be challenging because of it.

Erectile problems can strike at any age. While the jury is out about what may cause it for sure, numerous physiological and physical conditions can cause it. Some of which includes stress and anxiety. Also, some people may be having intimacy issues.

The vast majority of people in the medical profession believe that erectile problems stem from changes in hormones, overall health and sometimes blood flow. ExtenZe is a supplement that’s meant to ease many if not most of the symptoms associated with poor erections. Many of the ingredients used are well researched; others work as supporting elements, something we’ll get into in subsequent sections below.

We have over the years heard many good things about ExtenZe pills and decided to put it through a full review. Below is our honest opinion about it based on many months of research.

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What is Extenze?

a box of extenze pillsExtenZe pills is a wholly natural blend of herbs and minerals designed to help men who have erectile dysfunction naturally get over it. It is the perfect supplement for men who are unable to satisfy their partners in bed and also for those who want to improve their sex life as a whole. The pills work by essentially raising testosterone levels which not only helps with many symptoms associated with erection issues but also boost libido and improve sperm quality. It can also be beneficial for men suffering from premature ejaculation, but it isn’t specifically designed for the condition.

Many men who have used ExtenZe pills have reported an instant erection. However, for the vast majority of men, the blend of herbs and minerals need to be absorbed into the body for them to be fully effective. Obviously, that will take time.

The recommended dose is just one pill a day. ExtenZe is highly potent, which is why we strongly recommend that nobody take anything beyond the recommended dose. Taking a higher does not mean you will see results sooner; it will only be a drain on your wallet because stocks will need to be replenished sooner.

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The Extenze Formula

Traditional herbal doctors have used many of the ingredients used in ExtenZe’s formulation since ancient times to treat ED. In fact, some of the herbs as you’ll soon see are used in many other herbal medications to treat a myriad of sexual issues.

Every ingredient has been added to not only help men with erectile dysfunction directly but also work on improving the quality of their sex lives. Some of the areas that these ingredients improve are sperm quantity, quality, libido and energy.

Yohimbe – It is also sometimes referred to as yohimbine, a natural herbal supplement primarily derived from the Pausinystalia Yohimbe tree’s bark. Commonly found in some parts of Africa, it has been a significant part of traditional West African medicine for male infertility for centuries. Some research suggests that it can also be effective at treating erectile dysfunction because it effectively blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. Plus, it helps produce nitric oxide, which consequently improves blood flow to the penis.

L-arginine – It is an amino acid, which on the surface may appear to be useless for directly treating erectile dysfunction. However, at a high enough dose like it is in ExtenZe, it helps improve blood flow which means more rigid erections.

Horny goat weed – It is a herb and one of the best-known ones at that in the sexual enhancement industry. However, the active ingredient in the herb is called icariin. The chemical helps to block an enzyme referred to as phosphodiesterase type 5, which prevents the arteries from dilating, which means that it receives enough blood flow for a better erection. It is a highly effective erectile dysfunction related herb that’s only now started to receive the attention it deserves by medical science.

Zinc – It is one of the most important minerals, and there is a great deal of research to suggest that men should take at least 30 milligrams of it a day for optimal testosterone levels. While zinc does not have any direct effect on erectile dysfunction, it helps shore up other aspects of a man’s sexual health that are indirectly related to their condition.

Pregnenolone – It is a hormone that occurs naturally in our body but is vital in the production of testosterone in addition to other hormones. At effectiveness enough levels, it can help raise testosterone.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – It is another natural substance produced in the body and helps in the production of testosterone. Limited research shows that when used in specific quantities, DHEA can treat erectile dysfunction. Having it as an ingredient is important because many men suffering from erectile dysfunction have very low natural DHEA production.

What Makes Extenze Stand Out?

One of the things that makes ExtenZe pills instantly stand out from all other competing products is that it works. The company happens to make good on its claims of helping men deal with erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, the company’s claims are backed by hundreds of reviews by men from around the world.

The other thing that makes ExtenZe stand out from the competition, in our opinion is its approach to treating erectile dysfunction. Unlike other supplements, it does not just address just one aspect of male sexual health like libido, for instance, which would be easier. The approach ExtenZe takes is to raise a man’s testosterone levels which consequently always means higher libido, better sperm quantity, and improved quality. It will also help men who are trying to start a family.

In addition, the pills work to increase blood flow which aids in having better, more rigid erections without having to rely on drugs like Viagra. Plus, the product is manufactured as per the FDA’s standards. So, you can be sure that it does not contain fillers, toxic ingredients and that every element, as mentioned above, is backed by science.

Finally, compared to prescription drugs, ExtenZe is far cheaper to buy and use. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars a month on what could be a harmful drug with long-term adverse effects, ExtenZe ensures that you pay less for the same if not more benefits.

The Clinical Studies Supporting Extenze

ExtenZe pills have not been studied in a clinical setting like many drugs are. Drugs require clinical trials similar to vaccines before the FDA can approve them. ExtenZe is defined as a supplement because it uses all-natural ingredients. None of what’s included is potentially toxic.

While ExtenZe hasn’t been studied in a clinical setting, many of its ingredients have been studied. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is one of the active ingredients in the formulation and responsible for addressing issues like erectile dysfunction, has been closely studied. Its relationship with improved sexual health and ED, in particular, has been widely published.

Zinc is another well-researched ingredient. Numerous studies published over the past decade show and prove that zinc plays an important part in testosterone production. When zinc is consumed in large enough amounts, it helps raise testosterone levels. That’s why ExtenZe’s formulation has almost as much as the average man would need to provide a fairly decent testosterone boost naturally.

Yohimbine is another well-researched ingredient. It is found to be highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Numerous studies have shown it to be an effective adrenergic alpha-2 blocker. Plus, it helps with raising the production of nitric oxide, which is needed to have hard erections.

Six Months of Results With Extenze

One of the questions we are sure many men may want to ask us is how long does it take for ExtenZe to become fully effective? In other words, when can they expect to be fully rid of the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction. The answer to that questions can be a little tricky because every man is different. Plus the rate at which men may absorb the pills may differ depending on their age, and if they have any pre-existing conditions.

We did a little digging and based on what we’ve found, can breakdown what most men will generally experience starting from the first to the third month. Beyond the third month using ExtenZe will help you keep all the gains made.

First Month

The first month is when many men will find that ExtenZe has raised their libido. Men report having erections that were harder than before. However, it might still not be there all the time. By the third week, the erections often get harder.

Many men have also reported having higher energy levels overall after just a few days of taking ExtenZe. While we are not sure what is causing most men to experience higher energy levels, we assume it has something to do with their higher testosterone levels. Higher testosterone also means less brain fog for many men.

One of the most significant developments during the final half of the first month is that most men report instances of erectile dysfunction almost disappearing. Married men or those with partners report that their partners are now thrilled because their erections are harder and they can last longer in bed.

Months Two and Three

The second month after having spoken to many men happens to be the most exciting. Most men have reported that they don’t suffer as much from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In fact, they now have higher libido, which allows them to have sex multiple times a day.

Month two and then later month three is when men report seeing significant differences in their body composition too. However, the most significant differences in this regard is during month three. Even then, for men who work out, it is an exciting development because they have managed to achieve this without any major lifestyle change.

The effects of ExtenZe use tend to taper off after month three in general. However, some men we interviewed said that they continued to see improvement in their body’s composition, sexual desire and energy levels through months four, five and six.

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Use Caution When Shopping For Extenze

ExtenZe is one of the leading erectile dysfunction products on the market today. However, there are many knockoffs being sold by illegitimate sellers who may attract people with marked down prices. Similar branding may often make people believe that they are buying ExtenZe when, in fact, they are buying an inferior product.

The best way to avoid buying a knockoff or inferior ExtenZe batch is to buy directly from the brand itself. That way, you are assured of the highest quality, original product.

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Do I Recommend Extenze?

Yes! I recommend ExtenZe to any man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Over the years, ExtenZe has been able to establish a reputation for being highly effective at treating erectile dysfunction and at a far lower price point as compared alternatives. Plus, since it is shipped in discreet packaging, you don’t have to worry about other people finding out about your condition. Also, there is no need to speak with a doctor unless you have a pre-existing condition.

The only thing we’d like people to keep in mind is that ExtenZe is exceptionally potent. Its potency ensures that men see results sooner than with any other competing product. However, it also means that you shouldn’t take more than recommended. Taking more could result in various minor adverse effects. If you want to take more, then we advise that you consult with a doctor. That said if you stick with the regular dose, there are no known adverse effects which make it perfectly safe and yet highly effective.

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