SWAG Supplement Pill Review: Does it Really Work?

A lot of men and women the world around ignite their passions and arousal through the use of herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements come in two major types; ones that can increase blood flow to important regions of the body, boost endurance, and stimulate hormone production which you must take every day, and the ones that you take only when you need that extra burst of energy.

One problem with natural enhancement pills is that some fraudsters take advantage of buyers by selling poor or unhealthy products.

When choosing any kind of supplement pill, make sure you choose something reliable that has many years of brand awareness.

Luckily, the fraudsters get rooted out of the market relatively quickly, so as long as you pick something that has been around for a while you should be in more or less good shape.

One more this: most herbal supplements and male enhancement pills are not approved for use by the FDA, so they should not be seen as a medicine or as a method to treat any medical conditions.

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What is S.W.A.G?

swag pills reviewS.W.A.G (which stands for Sex With a Grudge) is a powerful natural male enhancement supplement that is used to boost your sexual performance and confidence.

S.W.A.G is, among other things known for its particularly aggressive marketing campaign and packaging choices, which consists of two stick figures in the throes of passion, one with their unmentionable on fire.

Obviously, the symbolism here is clear, if a bit heavy-handed.

With a slogan like “1 to hurt it and 2 to kill it” their pills are not messing around and they want you to know it. S.W.A.G pills are advertised as only requiring 45 minutes to work.

So whenever the mood sets it, just toss one back and get to business.

S.W.A.G pills are an herbal supplement meant to be taken right before you need them.

With S.W.A.G, you can be sure you get the endurance and passion you need to keep your partner satisfied and feel confident.

One of the better parts of herbal supplements over ED medications is that you can take an herbal supplement and be ready to go within an hour. S.W.A.G can be taken as soon as the mood sets in and is fast-acting.

How Does S.W.A.G Work?

S.W.A.G. works because of all the natural ingredients included in it. S.W.A.G pills stimulate male sexual appetite and increase performance by boosting blood flow to the genital regions and increase arousal.

The manufacturers claim that S.W.A.G. is not an aphrodisiac, just a sexual performance aid.

Also, we should probably clarify; NO taking S.W.A.G. will not increase your size.

S.W.A.G. is not a growth pill, it just meant to help your performance in the bedroom by giving your body a jolt of vitamins and minerals needed for peak sexual performance.

S.W.A.G. means longer lasting erections, stamina, and staying power that will keep your partner coming back for more.

In fact, no pill can permanently increase your size, so any product claiming that it can is lying.

Ingredients Used in SWAG

The main ingredients found in S.W.A.G as listed on the product include:

  • Polyrhachis Vicina Roger
  • Formica sanguinea
  • Ginseng root
  • Medlar
  • Amino acids
  • Other minerals

Most people probably haven’t heard of any of these ingredients, except for perhaps ginseng and amino acids.

After a bit of Google-fu, I found that Polyrhacis Vicina Roger and Formica Sanguinea are different names for black ant extract which is a common material used in male enhancement pills.

Black ants themselves are pretty nutritious and are actually used as a major food source in several countries outside of the west.

Black ant extract has long been used as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, so there is a storied history about its use as a health supplement.

Medlar is derived from the fruit of the medlar tree. The fruit has been cultivated since Roman times and is most common during the winter, an unusual trait for a fruit. Medlar extract is known to work as an antioxidant agent and can regulate heartbeat and blood pressure, two things you’ll need to control in the bedroom.

Also, it’s pretty funny that medlar extract is used as a supplement for male vitality considering that the fruit has been known throughout history for looking like a shapely women’s buttocks.

Coincidence? I think not!

Ginseng also has a lot of proven benefits, including working as a relaxation agent and antioxidant. Ginseng root contains two important compounds: ginsenoside and gintonin.

These two compounds can compound each other and have been shown to have joint health benefits. Ginseng also has a pronounced stimulant effect, as anyone who has ever chewed on a ginseng root can tell you.

Lastly, amino acids are useful for all kinds of things, from increasing fat burn, endurance, and building muscle to reducing mental fatigue and stress.

Amino acids are great for everyday health but they are particularly useful here as they can help increase endurance, which is what you need in the bedroom.

As far as a daily dosage, there is some conflicting information out there. Some sources report you need to take a dose each day while others say 2-3 days.

Since S.W.A.G pills are not meant to be medicine, we recommend taking them relatively infrequently; once every day or only when you need them.

Side Effects

Like many supplements that use natural stimulants, common side effects of S.W.A.G may include headache, nausea, faster than average heartbeat, and excess sweating.

Many of these symptoms are similar to what one might experience if they ingested a large amount of caffeine.

Also, we need to mention that in 2014, the FDA released an announcement stating that traces of the drug sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra and Cialis, had been found in randomly selected S.W.A.G products.

Sildenafil cannot be obtained without a prescription as it can be dangerous to people with certain heart or blood pressure conditions.

Specifically, sildenafil can interact negatively with nitrates found in some blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medications. The FDA actually recommends people to throw away their S.W.A.G. pills and not take them, so take at your own risk.

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Pros and Cons


  • Fast-acting and easy to take
  • Listed ingredients are natural and known to be safe
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy to get down
  • No commitment required. You buy the pills and if you don’t like them, you aren’t locked into any membership or anything like that.


  • It can be hard to find on some retailers, especially after the 2014 FDA announcement
  • Random S.W.A.G products have tested positive for sildenafil, a prescription drug found in various ED medications.
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Online reviews seem very polarized; they are either very positive or very negative

Where to Buy

So here you might turn into a problem. The actual website SexWthAGrudge.com no longer exists, and in fact, just redirects you to an FDA page with the announcement.

Also, it seems that amazon stopped listing the product after 2014. However, you can still find S.W.A.G pill son eBay, but there is always the possibility of buying fake pills, so make sure what you are getting is legitimate.

You can tell the real pills from the fakes by the packaging.

The real packaging labels are printed much more clearly than the fakes, and the back of the real boxes have a blue stripe that tells you the batch number and expiration date.

Each real box has a different blue stripe label, so if you get two boxes with the same label, then there is a very good chance they are bogus.


So what’s the bottom line, is S.W.A.G. worth buying? S.W.A.G. products are pretty popular out there because when they work, they work.

Unfortunately, when they do work, it’s because it’s being a drug, not a supplement, and contains compounds in ED medications.

We will say that the list of ingredients are all-natural and have all been shown to be safe for human consumption.

Some ingredients, like ginseng root extract, are believed to actually have some beneficial health properties.

If you do get a tainted batch, it will probably work, but there is the possibility of negative side effects. for most, side effects will be normal side effects commonly seen with viagra, such as sinus pressure and slightly blurry vision.

If you take medications for heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes, we recommend staying away from S.W.A.G.

General FAQ

Are SWAG pills still for sale?

Ever since the FDA identified that SWAG was putting illegal ingredients in their pills, I haven't seen it for sale in months.

How can I tell the difference between real and fake pills?

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to tell the difference between the real and fakes. Your best bet is to buy it from the official site, if you can find it.

What is the best male enhancement pill?

From our rigorous testing, Vigrx Plus appears to be the best male enhancement pill on the market. You can learn more in our review inside.

Do SWAG pills really work?

I have personally taken SWAG pills, and they have worked everytime I took them. With that said, the reason why is because they were putting illegal ingredients in it.

How much does SWAG pills cost?

The average price for these pills is anywhere from $8 - $12 per pill, depending on where you buy it.

SWAG Pills

SWAG Pills

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Sex With A Grudge, or SWAG pills, say you should take 1 to hurt it, and 2 to kill it. But does it really work as well as they claim?

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