Hardex Review – Does It Really Work?

Considering how many male enhancement supplements there are, it is no surprise that they go to such lengths to capture our attention.

There are endless promo videos, testimonials, graphics and banner ads trying to get you to try some new supplement.

That does not mean that we should count out some of the more antiquated ways of marketing your product: the letter.

Yes, some male enhancement supplements still mail out advertisements.

How do I know this?

Well, because I have had so many male enhancement supplements shipped to me over the years, from time to time I receive flyers in the mail for a new one.

Many times that a flyer for a male enhancement supplement comes, I am quickly reminded that they can be just as bold and outlandish as some of the banner ads you come across on adult sites.

The most recent male enhancement supplement flyer to come in the mail for me was Hardex.

omega supplements mailer for hardex

From the moment I saw Omega Supplements in the corner and “Sexually-oriented material” on the letter I knew I was in for something interesting.

Let us dive into the flyer and see just how different Hardex is from the competition.

The Hardex Flyer

This flyer-pamphlet wastes no time in capturing your attention.

The front page of it shows a woman staring at a massive penis and with the words “we all want a COCK that WOMEN WILL BEG FOR”.

hardex flyer 1

Immediately after turning the page, I was greeted with another two pages with sexual images and facts.

On the first page, a woman is straddling a large penis beside a photo of three bottles of Hardex.

hardex flyer 2

It goes on to say that all women care about is penis size, not money, not muscles, just penis size.

The following page which shows a woman performing oral sex, the flyer cites the mayo clinic in detailing that the most sensitive part of the vagina is the walls.

Hardex uses this fact to say that taking something that will grow your penis size will essentially leave you hitting those walls, and as they put it “stretch” her out for maximum pleasure.

Sure, plenty of what I just said is troubling, but not as troubling as what was below that.

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They state in bold font that it is the very first product designed to make your penis thicker and larger.

For starters, hundreds of products claim that they do exactly that.

But more importantly, none of them, including Hardex, can actually do that as it is impossible.

For the next two pages, it gets into usual penis pill fare talking about how it gives strong erections that last a long time.

They get into how it is an extended release capsule with micro bead technology and that it actually directly stimulates the penis tissue.

From what they describe, Hardex actually revives your penis tissue.

It goes into the back story of a male medical student who after living with four female roommates realized that all that they wanted was a big penis.

Apparently, his roommate Lisa describing the vaginal wall sensitivity is what really made things click for Cannon, and from there he sought out a formula to increase size and girth.

It even states that the man, Cannon, was able to grow his own penis using the formula in his search for the perfect one.

In the back, there is a prompt to buy Hardex which features yet another girl in thong and states that there is at least a 60-day guarantee.

I must say that beyond this flyer, there is extraordinarily little to no information to be found about Hardex online.

That is usually not a great sign, but maybe they just do not have an online presence, or it is no longer available.

What Are Hardex Pills?

hardex male enhancement reviewHardex is a male enhancement supplement that says it can increase erection strength and penis size.

There are many supplements that can increase erection strength, sure, but none that can increase penis size.

Because so many supplements claim that, I try not to hold that as a huge strike against them, but they know it is not true so they should not claim that.

Alas, Hardex does make that claim several times throughout the pamphlet.

How Does Hardex Work?

The most interesting part of the pamphlet is where they try to explain how it works.

Apparently, the active ingredients (which they never disclose) are put in micro beads so that extend the duration of effects.

They also say that delivers the ingredients directly to the cells that matter.

Beyond that, there is no way to know for sure how it works.

That is because they do not even provide a proper ingredients list.

All that they do is state that the two active ingredients are amazing and such a game changer.

I give everything a fair shake, but when a male enhancement supplement does not provide information about what it actually contains, it makes me a little bit nervous.

Not only that, but when one promises to increase your penis size, my eyes automatically roll.

Normally I would explore the ingredients list that a supplement provides, but I have nothing to go off of with Hardex.

Instead let’s see what some of the “customers” that have tried Hardex have to say.

I say it like that because it is only available in the pamphlet that was mailed to me and fits in with the language used throughout it.

That leads me to believe they are “customer” testimonials, not real everyday supplement users like me or you.

The Hardex Reviews

The testimonials in the flyer are pretty bold.

According to Bob D:

“I only started loving life when I turned 57, with the hottest foxes down on their knees around me. Incredible not just what they WANTED- but what I DELIVERED! I popped one little Hardex cap, let it work its way with In ating (I don’t know what they mean here) cream into my gum and watched their jaws gape as they saw what they were in for.

And in it went, with 7 hours of frantic fucking in every orifice, they screamed, they trembled, they loved it. I could be a porn actor. In fact, I should be, even at my age. I’m not ashamed of the fact. And I am very proud of my stallion’s rigid steel”.

Pretty wild, I know.

It also seems to be phrased just like the rest of the flyer.

Brett T. said:

“I am artist of sex, with enormous needs- some of which are out of the box. I’ve tried dozens of so-called aphrodisiacs, but my age got in the way. My python now uncurls at the slightest caress and stands at attention for hours at a time. I can now work my way through a series of girls of any age, young and old babes- and they all love every second of it. Despite my weak heart, I’m not the least bit fatigued, even after 5 hours of their heels behind their heads. Just amazing!”

That one is right beside a very graphic picture of a naked woman straddling a man.

Karl H. said:

“I can get any girl I want into bed! Since I started taking Hardex, I have not only overcome my shyness around women, but the babes seem to be crazy about me! This product “eroticizes” my penis like nothing else and every time I have sex, its like fireworks that drive the women insane with love…”

All three of these reviews could very well be legitimate, but my gut tells me they are paid testimonials by Hardex.

For one thing, I have not been able to find them online.

In fact, I can’t find any real reviews online.

Because Hardex does not provide a lot of information and there is very little available, it is hard to make a judgement about it beyond the flyer.

How Do You Use Hardex?

The only dosage information that I got came from one of the reviews on the flyer.

He says “one little Hardex cap” so I am guessing one capsule is the dose.

The flyer does state that Hardex has long-lasting effects and it sounds like it can be taken before sex.

Where Can I Buy Hardex?

Hardex is not available online or in stores.

The only way to purchase Hardex is through their toll-free phone number.

Conclusion – Should You Try Hardex?

If you can even find it, I would still not recommend taking it.

The fact that you can only it get over the phone is a little strange especially because they don’t disclose the ingredients.

There is nothing wrong with getting supplements over the phone, but because it is only backed up by that flyer, it is hard to trust it.

There are so many male enhancement supplements that are available that do provide information that you could try out instead.

But, if your heart is set on Hardex, you can always wait to get a flyer in the mail or call their number.







1.7 out of 5 (41 Ratings)

Hardex makes a lot of claims, but does the science back it up? Read out investigative Hardex pills review and find out if this male enhancement supplement actually works.

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