Celaxryn Rx – Does It Really Work?

Different manufacture’s take different approaches to selling their male enhancement supplements.

Some of them are big, bold and flashy and will do whatever they possibly can to get your attention.

Others sit back and let the supplement to the talking for itself.

That of course has no bearing over whether or not the supplement in question is good or not, but it can give you a clue sometimes.

These supplements even vary in what they are supposed to help with.

Some are aimed at increasing size and stamina and others are supposed to help you last longer and have stronger orgasms.

Now, there are many male enhancement supplements that cram as much into their formulas as they can to address several different areas of male sexual health at once.

Celaxryn Rx is a natural male enhancement supplement intended to help elevate your libido, give you sexual energy and increase sexual arousal among other benefits.

Their website claims that it is good for making you “bigger and thicker”, but that is not possible.

No medication can do that, but I digress.

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What it may be effective at, however is helping with getting and maintaining an erection.

Many male enhancement supplements choose to go the herbal formula route.

That makes plenty of sense because it appeals to those who don’t want to go and take drugs and add more chemicals to their body.

One of the reasons that a lot of people choose natural supplements is because they either feel it is healthier or they want to avoid the awkwardness of having a doctor’s appointment about it.

For others, it is just a much a cheaper option considering how many prescription pills are $15 per pill these days.

What Is Celaxryn Rx?

celaxryn rx supplementAccording to their website, Celaxryn Rx is a well-rounded male enhancement supplement that uses a natural formula to alleviate sexual dysfunction.

They also state that unlike many other male enhancement supplements that are merely a temporary aid for erectile dysfunction, Celaxryn Rx is apparently a permanent solution.

Now, it is important to note that they state that, but they do not provide any evidence as to why that would be the case.

There is also no evidence of that in the ingredients list or anywhere online.

Speaking of the ingredients list, Celaxryn Rx make it pretty hard to track down the ingredients.

If you look online, there are many sites that have contradictor information about the ingredients in Celaxryn Rx.

I am not sure why that is exactly, however, when you go to buy it, something interesting happens.

You are suddenly taken to the buy page for a different male enhancement supplement called Bio Jolt.

Having done some research, I cannot tell if Bio Jolt is Celaxryn Rx under a new name or if it is something else entirely, but it was indeed confusing.

Sometimes, male enhancement supplements change their name, but I am not sure in the case of Celaxryn Rx.

Because it from their official website, it is same to assume they are related.

We got overly bold claims and lack of transparency down, let’s get into how it works.

How Does Celaxryn Rx Work?

In theory, Celaxryn Rx works by regulating hormones and stimulating blood flow.

At least that is what the ingredients I have tracked down would suggest.

Because its availability is slightly ambiguous and the ingredients list is hard to come by it is hard to say for sure, so all I have to go off is what their website says.

The idea behind Celaxryn is that it takes care of a few different problems that men run into.

By increasing testosterone and blood flow, it should in theory improve hormonal problems such as low testosterone as well as male sexual dysfunction.

As I said, there are conflicting reports for the ingredients.

Because of that, I am going to go with the ingredients that are on their website after being directed to Bio Jolt.

Let’s see how the ingredients affect how well Celaxryn Rx works.

What Are Celaxryn Rx’s Ingredients?

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed, is an aphrodisiac that can also help with arthritis, joint pain, fatigue and loss of memory. (Source)

Tongkat Ali

Also referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia, can increase testosterone and male fertility, is loaded with antioxidants, and can relieve anxiety and stress. (Source)

Saw Palmetto

It can prevent hair loss, promote prostate health, and prevent or help clear up urinary tract infections. (Source)

Saw palmetto can also help regulate testosterone levels and help to reduce inflammation. (Source)

Wild Yam Extract

It is commonly used to alleviate certain symptoms of menopause, with insufficient evidence that it helps with increasing sexual desire, helping with osteoporosis, mental health, or gallbladder problems. (Source)

Do Any of These Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Horny Goat Weed can cause vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, thirst, nosebleeds, dry mouth and if taken in high doses, liver damage. (Source)

Tongkat ali can cause changes in memory, mood and potentially motor skills. (Source)

Saw palmetto has side effects such as dizziness, nausea, constipation and headaches. (Source)

Wild Yam Extract does not have many side effects but should be avoided by people with Protein S deficiency or experiencing hormone sensitivity illnesses such as cancer. (Source)

Does Celaxryn Rx Actually Work?

It is hard for me to say yes or no to that question.

The problem is really the lack of information.

It was quite hard to track down an accurate ingredients list and I cannot even be fully sure that it is the right one.

If the ingredient list that I went off that is available through their website but for some reason under a different name is any indicator, the formula isn’t that special at all.

The ingredients on the website are all available for much cheaper in a supplement store and most of them don’t have too great of sexual effects.

Sure, Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali have a good track record in many supplements, but there is not to know what concentration it is at in here.

With the Nettle extract and Saw Palmetto, it could possibly be effective in regulating testosterone.

It is hard to say for sure because it is so hard to track down accurate information about it, even on their own website.

How to Use Celaxryn Rx?

A serving of Celaxryn Rx is 2 capsules.

I am not sure as to how many doses you can take in a day, but because they don’t provide that information on their website I would err on the side of caution and take one dose daily at least at first.

Where Can I Find Celaxryn Rx?

I cannot find an actual supplement called Celaxryn Rx sold anywhere, at least not anymore.

At one point there was.

When you click BUY on their website, it takes you to the buy page, but it is for the pill Bio Jolt.

Now, that could be because they renamed Celaxryn Rx to Bio Jolt, but I am not sure based on the information that was provided.

Pros +

  • Herbal remedy
  • Possibly helpful in regulating testosterone

Cons –

  • May not exist anymore
  • Lack of transparency
  • Some claims that are not possible

Should I Try Celaxryn Rx?

I do not think so.

There is very little to justify paying for it.

Not only that, I cannot say with certainty that you would even be able to get your own hands on it if you tried.

If you are able to get it, it is probably going to be from an old run, or something like that.

The overall lack of transparency and cloud of confusion around it did not help matters at all and really makes it hard to go about recommending it to others.

Another detractor is the fact that some of their claims are just not possible.

Saying that their product gives permanent results is misleading and not possible at all.

There is so much science to indicate that permanent results of any kind in regard to size or erections is not possible with any currently existing medication or supplement.

When it comes to taking a supplement or medication, you want to know that you can fully trust that it is healthy to take.

The things that the company making the particular supplement does can do a lot to plant the seed of doubt as to whether or not it will be effective.

If you can’t even get accurate information off of a brand’s own website, it is hard to say sincerely that you trust it is going to work well.

Such is the case with Celaxryn Rx.

But hey, maybe Bio Jolt is Celaxryn Rx with a new name, but if it is, they haven’t done much to alert the public to it.

Either way, exercise caution.

Even though there is debate as to the actual ingredients list, you should still check with your doctor and see if you Celaxryn interacts with any of your medications, if you are allergic, or if you are healthy enough to take it.

Celaxryn Rx

Celaxryn Rx

1.8 out of 5 (28 Ratings)

Celaxryn Rx makes a lot of claims, but does it really live up to them? Probably not. See our comprehensive review and learn more.

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