Bluoxyn Review – Does It Really Work?

It has been a long time since male enhancement supplements were a taboo topic.

Male enhancement supplements and products have become quite common over the years and hundreds of them continue to pop up.

They are meant to help with low libido, erectile dysfunction, boost sexual performance and some even help build muscle.

The more common that male enhancements have become, the market has also become flood with new supplements all the time.

I have tried hundreds of supplements and have developed a palette and expectation for good male enhancers.

Everything from their names, slogans, bottles and promises to run together and prove to have more and more in common all the time.

That does not mean that standouts don’t present themselves sometimes.

Bluoxyn is a male enhancement supplement targeted at improving sex drive and giving stronger erections.

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Its formula is natural and pretty low risk, and it features several staples of natural ED supplements.

Natural formulas are the choice for many men who want a solution to their problems in the bedroom that want to avoid side effects or chemicals.

Many men are also drawn to them because they don’t want to go to the doctor clue a stranger into their private problems.

That and, prescription erectile dysfunction and aphrodisiac medications are very expensive.

On their official website they claim that Bluoxyn also gives stamina and can make orgasms more pleasurable.

Some male enhancement supplements are short term and are only meant to be taken directly before a sexual encounter, roughly 30 to 60 minutes normally.

Others rely on you taking them every day around the same with consistency and waiting a couple weeks to see the best results.

Bluoxyn is one those male enhancement supplements.

What Is Bluoxyn?

bluoxyn pillsBluoxyn is what their website refers to as a “natural cure” for erectile dysfunction.

Like a lot of male enhancement supplements out there, Bluoxyn is an all-natural formula.

Some of its ingredients put the focus on increasing sexual desire while others are aimed at increasing stamina and erection strength.

It is a daily supplement so maintaining a proper dose is important.

This does mean that you may go through your supply slightly faster than with a take as needed male enhancement pill, but sometimes that is the cost of taking a good one.

Let us take a look at Bluonyx and see how its all-natural works and what it is made out of.

How Does Bluonyx Work?

Bluonyx falls into the category of male enhancement supplements that work best when taken consistently over time.

You can take it before sex, but peak effects do not set in until you have taken it for several weeks or even months.

It stimulates blood flow and sexual energy and they claim that even increases pleasure.

The goal of Bluonyx is to take care of many of the issues that can occur in the bedroom when it comes time to performing.

Whether or not any given male enhancement supplement works depends largely on its ingredients and how they fit into the formula.

We have gone through the ingredients to see exactly what kind of benefits they offer in Bluonyx.

What Are Bluonyx’s Ingredients?

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) is an herb and aphrodisiac that can treat sexual dysfunction for men and is in a lot of male enhancement pills. (Source)

Not only that, but it can offer relief for joint pain, arthritis discomfort and even fight fatigue in addition to stimulating blood flow. (Source)

Tongkat Ali

Also known by the name eurycoma longfollia, Tongkat Ali is an herb that can improve mood, relieve anxiety, and increase male fertility.

It is also able to increase a man’s testosterone which is the overlying cause of erectile dysfunction and other problems in that department in many cases. (Source)

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto extract is derived from a fruit and it is used as a treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy in most cases. (Source)

It is also used help fight male pattern baldness, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and erectile dysfunction. (Source)


Sarsaparilla can treat everything from cancer and syphilis to protecting the liver and treating psoriasis. (Source)

Nettle Extract

Nettle extract comes from Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is most commonly used to treat arthritic pain and back pain as well as alleviate some of the symptoms that come along with an enlarged prostate. (Source)

It can also provide relief from inflammation, lower blood pressure, protect the liver from toxins, and it is loaded with nutrients. (Source)

Do Any of Bluonyx’s Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Horny Goat Weed can cause dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting, stomach pains, nosebleeds and dry mouth in some cases. (Source)

Tongkat Ali is safe but can cause memory loss and problems with motor skills due to mercury poisoning if you consume too much of it. (Source)

Sarsaparilla can cause stomach pains and irritation such as nausea when taken in too high of doses. (Source)

Nettle Extract is mostly without side effects when it is eaten or taken in a supplement, but in infrequent cases it can cause itching, hives, and rashes. (Source)

Does Bluoxyn Really Work?

Bluoxyn does seem to have some benefits and work, however, it is not quite as strong as you would expect from taking a look at their site or seeing one of their ads.

Yes, the formula is natural, and some the ingredients do have good effects that can curb many sexual problems in general.

But is it the miracle cure that their own website says it is when it coming to treating erectile dysfunction?

No, I would not go so far as to say that.

Also, there is not enough information about the formula and what concentration everything is in, but it does not seem like it is a strong combination.

It does have effect as a libido enhancer and performance enhancer, it is just not as amazing as they would have you believe.

How to Use Bluoxyn

As I mentioned earlier, Bluoxyn is a male enhancement supplement that works best if you take it over a longer period of time.

You do not have to wait too long between starting to take Bluoxyn and beginning to start feeling and see the effects set in.

Usually the minimal effects at least begin to shine through after a few days of taking it and after 2 or 3 weeks you are much closer to peak results.

Because of that, you might want to consider taking it around the same time each time to get the most consistent results possible.

Where Can You Buy Bluoxyn?

Luckily, Bluoxyn does have their own website.

That means that you can buy their supplements directly from them so that you know that you are getting it right from the source.

When you go to buy it on their website, it immediately tries to get you to sign up for their free trial offer.

In some cases, free trial offers turn out to be legit and turn out to be a great way to get turned on to a new supplement company.

In others it can turn into a nightmare of discovering that your credit card has been getting billed and that it was not such a free trial after all.

I am not saying that is the case with Bluonyx, but I would always just be as careful as possible when signing up for free trial offers for male enhancement pills.

Better safe than sorry.

Bluonyx comes in at a fairly average price for a 30 count of supplements of this kind.

Pros +

  • Has a formula containing all natural ingredients
  • Reasonable price
  • Gets good reviews
  • Is loaded with vitamins and nutrients as well

Cons –

  • Does not do anything special
  • Has a higher potential for side effects than they say

Conclusion- Should I Try Bluoxyn For Myself?

If your heart is really set on it, there is no reason not to try to Bluoxyn.

With all of that said, it is not exactly a breathtaking male enhancement supplement.

In fact, it really does nothing to make itself stand out from the bunch as far as its hundreds of similar competitors are concerned.

Bluonyx definitely has some ingredients that are effective in their own right and find their way into numerous male enhancement supplements because of that.

I just am not sure that they are on display in their best form here in Bluonyx or what concentration they are present in.

Besides that, there is no shortage of male enhancement supplements right now, so there is no reason to jump the gun on recommending one if it is less than outstanding.

There is little risk as far as serious side effects go, but I would skip it and save my money for a more impressive male enhancement supplement.

If your heart is set on Bluonyx, don’t forget to check to see if it interacts with medicine or supplements that you are currently taking.



3.1 out of 5 (54 Ratings)

Our Bluoxyn review investigates the claims that their supplement will help with ed issues. Find out if it really works in our exclusive report.

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