BioXGenic Size Review – Does It Really Work?

Hefty promises and bold claims are the name of the game when it comes to grabbing your attention in any marketing campaign, but as you may know, in the world of male enhancement supplements, it is everything.

It is all about “the biggest gains”, “strongest erections” and “best performance in the bedroom” and such claims will of course grab readers attention.

The fact is that many men struggle with erectile dysfunction and or being unsatisfied with the size of their penis, erect or soft, and manufacturers use this to advantage and try and pull us in.

Sometimes the claims are true, sometimes they are outright lies, but more often than not, the truth seems to lie in the middle.

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BioXGenic Size is no exception boasting many good qualities and effects among a slew of over the top claims.

Let us take a deeper dive and closer look at BioXGenic and see how it works and why.

What is BioXGenic Size?

bioxgenic size reviewAs is the norm with the vast majority of male sexual enhancement supplements, BioXGenic Size’s aim is to increase circulation and blood flow to the genitals, thus making for stronger and longer lasting erections.

Much of the formula behind BioXGenic Size is made up of natural herbs that are used to treat various aspects of men’s health.

It can be bought in many sizes and is available through more places than some of its competitors making BioXGenic Size a fairly easy and commonplace male enhancement supplement to come across.

How Does BioXGenic Size Work?

Using its proprietary blend, BioXGenic Size mostly works to boost testosterone levels thus improving energy, muscle building, protein synthesis, sexual appetite, libido, stamina, erection strength and sexual performance.

It also is intended to boost blood flow and circulation, ultimately directing it towards the genitals and filling the erectile tissue for improved erection size and strength.

Let’s take a look at what BioXGenic Size is really made of and how it contributes to a better sexual performance for men.

What Is BioXGenic Size Made Out Of?


An amino acid that can alleviate symptoms of certain heart conditions such as chest pain and high blood pressure, while also breaking down and converting into nitric oxide in the body which opens up our blood vessels and increases circulation. (Source.)

Muira Puama

Used as a stress reducer, to alleviate depression and for overall positive brain health, Muira Puama is also used to increase libido in both women and men, and be extremely useful for men with erectile dysfunction. (Source.)


Often used to offset the negative sexual side effects that come with other medications such as antidepressants or opiates, Yohimbe is used to treat erectile dysfunction as well as low libido in men. (Source.)

Panax American Ginseng

Alleviates stress and depression, supports the immune system, can offset flu and infection symptoms and can potentially boost libido but been proven to not actually have any effect on testosterone levels as has been believed. (Source.)

Maca Root

Maca can improve physical and sports performance, improve memory, increase libido in both men and women, lessen menopause symptoms in women and increase fertility and reduce erectile dysfunction in men. (Source.)


Do Any Of BioXGenic Size’s Ingredients Have Side Effects?

L-arginine is considered safe on its own but if you have certain health conditions such as low blood pressure, cirrhosis, asthma, kidney failure or have recently suffered from a heart attack, then it should be avoided. (Source.)

Muira Puama has very little public research about it as of now, but there are reports of potential insomnia as a result of consuming it. (Source.)

Yohimbe can cause rapid heartbeat, heart attack, seizure, stomach pain, nausea, insomnia, sinus pain, irritability, dizziness, itchiness and potentially patches of scaly skin. (Source.)

Panax American Ginseng can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, and anxiety. (Source.)

Maca root is thought to not really care any side effects unless you have a preexisting thyroid condition in which case it should be avoided, or you should consult your doctor. (Source.)

Does BioXGenic Size Really Work?

Yes and no.

Yes, it definitely works to increase sex drive and more than likely does its fair share to improve blood flow to the penis, but it does not technically increase the actual overall size of the penis as the title may suggest.

The fact of the matter is that there is essentially no such thing as a pill or supplement that will cause a true increase in your flaccid and erect penis size, however, products such as BioXGenic Size do hold the potential to improve the length, girth and virility of it while it you actually have an erection.

The logic behind that is that when blood flow and circulation is increased, usually via nitric oxide levels which in this case comes from the L-arginine, the erectile tissue is going to become fuller and stronger which has the strong possibility of making the erection stronger than it normally would be.

This does not equate to a larger penis, but it does mean that your erection may be noticeably bigger and stronger which is essentially the most that you can expect to get.

How to Use BioXGenic Size?

Simply take two tablets by mouth an hour before intended sexual activity in order to get the most out of BioXGenic Size.

Where Can I Buy BioXGenic Size?

You can find BioXGenic Size through GNC, Walgreens and the Vitamin Shoppe.

Pros +

  • Increases energy
  • Generates better blood flow to the penis
  • Heightened sex drive
  • Better sexual performance

Cons –

  • Potential side effects
  • Slightly pricey

Is It Worth Trying Out BioXGenic Size?

If the area of men’s health that you are looking to remedy is your overall erection strength and you have trouble maintaining one when you get it, BioXGenic Size should help you in that department.

It should also help to give a nice boost of energy both sexual and otherwise due to its proprietary blend and its effects should be noticed in various aspects of your overall mood.

If you are looking for permanent and significant size gains, you are not going to find them here with BioXGenic Size, but as I have stated, you also are not going to be able to find them in any one supplement as it is a much more complicated matter than that.

Refer to the ingredients list to make sure that you are not allergic to anything that makes up its formula, and if you are, then strictly avoid it.

If you are currently taking any medications, check yourself or consult with your doctor to make sure that there is nothing inside of BioXGenic Size that is going to negatively interact with whatever it is that you are taking.

At the end of the day, BioXGenic Size is pretty much a low risk male enhancement supplement and it does not really pose a risk of negative side effects in most of the population, but caution should always be exercised, nonetheless.

I would say that it is worth trying out BioXGenic Size for yourself and that while it is slightly pricey, trying it out is mostly worth it and shouldn’t set you back too much.

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