Libido Max Review

It seems as though with each passing day more and more male enhancement supplements hit the mark.

Some of them turn heads within the male enhancement community while others float on by and are essentially swept under the rug by the consumers.

That is because there are simply so many male enhancement supplements out there that trying all of them is unrealistic for any customer out there, and not to mention the heavy strain it would put on your wallet.

Just about every single one of the male sexual boosters in question are going to make bold claims about the wild and too good to be true benefits that their supplement has to offer, and if you are experienced in trying some in the past, you more than likely are aware that it is far too often just not true.

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It can be discouraging to some, which is entirely understandable, but most of us are going to keep on looking into the new and talked about supplements that are building steam and being received well.

Hopefully, this guide will help you get a good understanding of some of the things that you should be looking for when it comes to picking and choosing the proper male enhancement supplement before you whip out the wallet to make the decision.

While erectile or sexual dysfunction is a bit of a tricky topic for many men, it is a little bit easy to talk about when you know what to look for and when you weigh the potential benefits.

Libido Max is another male enhancement supplement that is made up of a powerful nutrient based formula that has garnered attention in the community since its release.

Let us take a deeper dive into Libido Max, what it is, what it’s made out of and whether or not it is worth giving a shot.

What Is Libido Max?

libido max pillsLibido Max is a male sexual function aid that works to boost testosterone, libido, sexual stamina and erection strength.

They do boast that it their formula is “doctor developed”, and if true, then that definitely bodes well for Libido Max.

Libido Max is yet another product to come out of Applied Nutrition which is quite highly regarded and actually has a very good reputation which is a plus.

It directly affects the genitals and is aimed primarily at increasing blood flow, but it also works wonders for men with low testosterone or a diminished sex drive.

Libido Max should also increase strength which can do wonders both during workouts and after in the recovery time.

Not unlike other male enhancement supplements, Libido Max attacks several different areas of men’s sexual health in an effort to create synergy and give as much help as needed.

How Does Libido Max Work?

Highly bioavailable and fast acting, taking one to four Libido Max pills is the recommended dose and is all that you need.

Besides just increasing the blood flow throughout the body and specifically to the genitals, Libido Max is also aimed at boosting strength with its testosterone supporting ingredients.

Testosterone is not just an important part of male sexual health; it is the MOST important part of male health in general as it regulates and has an effect on all aspects of our men’s health.

The levels of testosterone, high or low, that a man produces and has available directly affects hair growth, protein synthesis, workout recovery, sex drive and the ability to get and maintain an erection.

A lot of times, low testosterone is the very reason behind erectile dysfunction, infertility and other male sexual health problems, and boosting it is often one of the first steps in improving the problems in the bedroom.

Their other ingredients not directly aimed at testosterone are aimed at libido and blood flow and can be found in other male enhancement supplements you may be familiar with.

Libido Max claims that this all adds up to overall improved sexual performance and pleasure for a man, and that does not seem like too much of a stretch with the ingredients that it is made out of.

Compared to other male enhancement supplements, Libido max puts the emphasis on the testosterone of it all which benefits many aspects of health, sexually or otherwise.

What Are Libido Max’s Ingredients?


An amino acid that is known to raise alertness, improve memory, overall mental function and help to reduce stress. (Source.)


Another amino acid that helps with heart conditions and high blood pressure, but most notably in this context, it is converted into nitric oxide which improves blood flow by opening up the blood vessels and has been an erectile dysfunction aid for years. (Source.)

Maca Root Powder

High in nutrients such as vitamin C and iron, Maca Root powder also increases the libido of both women and men as well as potentially increasing male fertility. (Source.)

Tribulus Terrestris

Used to treat everything from chest pain and an enlarged prostate, to eczema, erectile dysfunction and infertility in men. (Source.)

Bioperine Complex

Extracted from black pepper, Bioperine Complex makes it so that all of the other ingredients get properly broken down and absorbed in the body. (Source.)

Do Any of Libido Max’s Ingredients Have Side Effects?

Tyrosine is considered safe and has rare minor side effects such as headache, nausea, acid reflux and fatigue. (Source.)

L-arginine in high doses or in sensitive people can cause or worsen gout, asthma diarrhea, low blood pressure, or nausea and vomiting. (Source.)

Maca Root Powder is mostly safe but should be avoided if you have certain thyroid conditions as it can make them worse in some people. (Source.)

Tribulus Terrestris can lower blood sugar and be dangerous for some of those with diabetes and can also cause blood pressure to fluctuate and is recommended to be avoided before a surgery. (Source.)

Bioperine can cause difficulties breathing and bronchospasms in extreme cases, but milder cases could present itching, nausea, vomiting, a skin rash, irritability, difficulty sleeping and taste impairment. (Source.)

Does Libido Max Really Work?

Yes, it should work and if all is going well and as intended by its formula, 1 to 2 pills should be enough to get the job done with 4 pills being the maximum amount that you can take within a day.

Because of the ingredients that are aimed at giving a jolt to testosterone, you should expect to see Libido Max’s effects reflected in multiple areas of your life as the hormone levels become ideal for energy, fat storage and protein synthesis.

How To Use Libido Max

You simply take 1 to 4 Libido Max pills a day by mouth and because of the formula it should break down and become bioavailable quite quickly.

As with many other male enhancement supplements, Libido Max should be taken as close to one hour before sexual activity as possible in order for the full effect to have sit in when it comes time to actually test it out.

Where Can You Buy Libido Max?

As far as male enhancement supplements go, Libido Max is pretty easy to get ahold of compared to some others.

Libido Max can be found at Rite Aid, Walgreens, GNC, CVS, Lucky Vitamin, Puritan and online at Amazon and is pretty reasonable price for a male enhancement supplement.

Pros +

  • Boost and regulation of testosterone
  • Energy and vitality
  • Strengthened erection
  • Quick onset and long duration
  • Nutrient-based ingredients formula

Cons –

  • Some of the ingredients hold potential negative side effects
  • Having to take potentially up to 4 for full effect can make you go through the supplements fast

Conclusion- Is it Worth Trying out Libido Max?

Because Libido Max at the very least has a high potential to increase overall mood and boost testosterone production even if it is somehow not successful in strengthening libido or erections, I would say it is worth a try no matter what.

It is for the most part quite low risk, although you should always cross-reference the ingredients with your own allergies as well as checking with your own doctor to make sure that there are no interactions with any medications that you are currently on.

Libido Max seems to be quite effective and because for the most part it carries little to no risk, I would recommend giving it a try.

The libido boosting qualities as well as the overall energy boost that I feel Libido Max gives is a testament to the nutrient based formula that it is made of and it really lends itself to more than one aspect of male health.

Beyond erectile dysfunction, I would say that this one is probably good all around for men that have low testosterone, but Libido Max should work for anyone looking for a slight bedroom enhancement.

It definitely worked for me as far as working out as well as workout recovery, and because of its effect on testosterone, in theory it should help with building muscle and bulking up after a session.

Always exercise caution when taking any supplements and be sure to take them as directed by Libido Max themselves and don’t overdo it.

Of course as with supplements, the effects will vary from person to person because we are all different, but there is a good number of positive reviews available online and many that are verified purchase reviews that I recommend checking out if you want to learn more about Libido Max.

I would recommend giving Libido Max a try for yourself, and hopefully it will help you out in the bedroom and beyond as they intended.

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