Erect At Will Review

Imagine if there was one simple tweak you could make to your diet that would give you better erections.

Or even better:

What if there were 8 minor changes you could make to your lifestyle that would cure your ED for good?

You’d probably want to know what those changes are, right?

This is the essence of the Erect At Will system, a program I recently got a chance to check out personally.

erect at will cover

Throughout this review, we’ll talk about each chapter in detail, as well as my personal opinion of it.

You’ll get just enough info so that you get the jist of the program, but not enough to give away the farm. 🙂

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However, I recommend you read this whole review to determine if the Erect At Will system is right for you.

This review turned out to be way longer than I originally expected.

But it’s quite literally the most comprehensive review of this program on the internet.

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Chapter 1: What Is Erect At Will?
Chapter 1: The History Of ED
Chapter 2: The One-Eyed Monster
Chapter 3: The Statistical Lowdown On ED
Chapter 4: Frying Your Sausage
Chapter 5: What’s Normal Anyway?
Chapter 6: Don’t Be A Prick
Chapter 7:  Keeping The Snake In Its Cage
Chapter 8: Getting Ready For Blastoff
Chapter 9: Eating Right
Chapter 10: Sharpening Your Dagger
Chapter 11: The ED Pill Treatment Fraud
Chapter 12: Good Blood
Chapter 13:  Think Outside The Box
Chapter 14:  Sizing It Up – The ED Miracle
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What is Erect At Will?

eaw - ebook stack

Developed by a man named “Ronald Richards”, Erect At Will is a 154 page ebook that claims to use all natural methods that help alleviate your ED symptoms.

After reading through their sales pitch, I decided to buy the system and try it out myself.

The system is broken down into 2 parts, each of which has 7 chapters.

Here’s a synopsis of each part and chapter:

Part 1 – Not Too Hard To Understand

An overview of what you can expect throughout the entire ebook.

Chapter 1: The History Of ED

erect at will chapter 1

When I first saw the title of this chapter, I actually sighed for a minute.

Do I really need to know the history of ED?  Is that necessary to solve my own issues.

It turns out, he actually delves into a rather interesting history about erectile dysfunction.

For example, did you know that ED was actually legal grounds for divorce in the mid-1600’s?

Or that in the 1600’s a Dutch physician successfully carried out the first penile injection.

Hey, I study penis pills for a living…

This stuff is interesting to me 🙂

The whole purpose of this chapter is not to make you feel bad, but rather to put things in perspective.

It’s something I’ve been telling guys for years…

Trust me, you’re not the only one suffering from ED!

Chapter 2: The One-Eyed Monster

erect at will review - chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Erect At Will solely focuses on how your ED is officially diagnosed.

Robbie starts by defining exactly what ED is, noting that:

It’s the condition of being unable to get hard long enough to satisfy sexual needs.

This is not exactly the technical definition of ED, but for simplistic purposes it’s fine.

Most guys have experienced ED at some point in their lives, no matter what age.

I mean, ever hear of the term “whiskey dick”?

I’ve had my fair share of those experiences in my early 20’s, probably more than I can count.

how does erect at will work

This entire chapter explores 2 distinct (but equally important) aspects of diagnosing your ED:

  1.  The Medical Perspective, and
  2.  Diagnosing ED

Ronald correctly points out that, from a medical perspective, nearly every man encounter ED to some degree.

This usually happens around the age of 40, but of course, could happen way sooner.

He also correctly points out that impotence and erectile dysfunction are not the same thing.

He even cites the NIH definition of impotence, without actually citing it. (1)

As for diagnosing ED, a typical doctors office visit is laid out in light detail.

These are the types of things you can expect to encounter when visiting your dr. regarding your ED issues.

Of course, there are several DIY methods of diagnosing your ED at home.

One really cool idea that was pretty novel is the “stamps on your penis while you sleep” method.

I just made that up, but that’s literally what it involves. 🙂

Chapter 3: The Statistical Lowdown On ED

erect at will review - chapter 3

In Chapter 3 of Erect At Will, the nitty gritty statistical details of erectile dysfunction are discussed in painstaking detail.

He starts off the chapter with an interesting statistic…

Current estimates indicate that about 152 million men around the world experience some level of erectile dysfunction.

Hmm, I don’t know about that one…

In my personal opinion, I think that number is way higher.

For example, there are a total of 3.8 million males in the world right now (2)

That means that only 4% of the global population are experiencing some level of erectile dysfunction.

That number seems a bit low to me, but I digress.

He also notes that American men tend to suffer from ED more than European and Asian men, which is no surprise considering our terrible diets.

Chapter 4: Frying Your Sausage

erect at will review - chapter 4

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about literally frying your pecker here.

Instead, Richards discusses the root causes of erectile dysfunction.

While there are literally dozens of ED causes, he sticks to the 3 main ones:

Performance Anxiety

how erect at will works

Performance anxiety is exactly what it sounds like…

It’s anxiety stemming from the ability to not be able to perform.

So how do you know if you’re ED is all coming from performance anxiety?

Well, it’s correctly pointed out in Erect At Will that if you’re waking up with morning boners, there’s a very good chance that your ED is caused by this.

So what causes performance anxiety?

Well, there are a ton of them, but he touches on the usual suspects:

  • Thinking you’re not ‘big enough’
  • A previous sexual encounter that turned ugly
  • Too much stress
  • Depression (which IMO should have been included in the next part)

I think at this point in the ebook he should have provided some sort of a checklist to help you along.

He then moves on to the physical causes of ED, which are broken down into 2 categories:

  1. Vascular
  2. Neurological

The vascular causes are far reaching, and in some cases are irreversible.

Some men are just born with deficiencies, having never been able to attain an erection.

Some men have experienced freak accidents that have irreversibly damaged their penis’, and as a result, make it nearly impossible for them to get erect.

Fortunately, those cases are extraordinarily rare.

He then goes on to describe his own war story as well, which involved a bicycle and a trip to the emergency room.

I won’t get in to the details, but it wasn’t pretty.

He puts a footnote to a related study, but again I’m not seeing the actual study linked to from the Erect At Will PDF anywhere.

Yet another common vascular problem is smoking.

That should have been pretty obvious to most guys, but I guess there are some that simply didn’t realize that was the case.

Later in the chapter, Richards then briefly discusses several diseases that are known causes of ED.

They include:

  • Diabetes
  • Neurological Disorders: These include MS, Parkinson’s, Metabolic Syndrome, and Peyronies Disease.
  • Obesity
  • Kidney Failure
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Bad Blood
  • Toxins: Which includes Alcohol and Medications

erect at will side effects

That last one is actually a big one that I think could have been elaborated more on.

I can’t begin to tell you how many guys have come to me in the past that are suffering from ED, that have no idea where it’s coming from.

I always ask them ‘Are you taking any medications?”

8 times out of 10, they say yes.

I think it would have been helpful at this point in the Erect At Will PDF to provide a list of medications that cause ED.

I mean, I know you can just look it up with a simple google search.

list of medications that cause ed

But while we’re on the subject, why not go into more detail?

Rounding out Chapter 4 of the Erect At Will PDF, he talks in detail about 2 other major root causes of ED:  Foods and Aging.

Again, while it should be pretty obvious to the layman, what you’re putting in your body will have a direct result on your ability to generate an erection.

I think a big list of foods that cause ED would help here.

I mean, if I were to write an ebook like this, I would have included it.

It would be a very big list, but a helpful one nonetheless.

In his defense, he does get into that later on in the Erect At Will ebook.

And oh yeah, getting old sucks! 🙂

Chapter 5:  What’s Normal Anyway?

erect at will review - chapter 5

This chapter in the Erect At Will PDF brings up a very touchy subject: penis size.

Age old questions like:

What’s the average length and girth of a penis?

What’s a normal penis look like?

How do I know if I’m too small?

are discussed….

He then goes on to describe a class exercise he did in college, that I think in today’s university setting would ‘trigger’ some students.

He does correctly point out that (in American culture, at least), sex and size are somewhat taboo topics.

I agree to a certain extent, but the internet has certainly made it way easier to discuss those issues.

Richards then goes on to discuss things like:

  • The Anatomy of The Penis
  • The Various Sizes, Shapes, and Colors
  • Common Myths and Exceptions

I won’t go into too much detail here, but most of this stuff is pretty standard.

Chapter 6: Don’t Be A Prick

erect at will review - chapter 6

In chapter 6 of the Erect At Will PDF, we start off with a question:

So where does the idea that penises need to be ridiculously long come from?

He makes a fair point…

I mean, do women specifically talk about length when they’re talking about an ideal partner?

Or is it rather a case of “it’s not about size, but how you work it!“?

He moves on to the elephant in the room: Porn

This is often under-discussed as one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.

I think it’s been under-discussed for a few reasons, but the main one is the sheer accessibility of porn.

At this point, you’re literally within arms reach of millions of porn videos and pictures.

I’m talking about the phone in your pocket or sitting next to you on your desk.

20 years ago, you were reserved to wacking it to your older brothers penthouse magazines.

Now, you can literally access any niche of porn you like, instantly and cheaply.

Richards cites a study which is pretty alarming.

erect at will pdf snippet

I mean, these are young guys we’re talking about here.

Guys in the prime of their lives, aged 18 – 35.

From the sounds of it they’re suffering from ED issues at a very alarming rate.

Keeping in mind here that all of the root causes discussed above (specifically stress, depression, and even injury) are likely the culprits for their ED.

In a different investigation, researchers found something interesting:

Younger men who were subjected to vast amounts of porn had their sexual desire and arousal levels tank.

In my opinion, if you’re a young guy who watches porn on a regular basis, you need to read this chapter several times.

It will be eye opening…

Chapter 7: Keeping The Snake In Its Cage

erect at will review - chapter 7

Chapter 7 of the Erect At Will PDF program is all about one thing: the science of erections

It’s a rather short chapter that breaks down the mechanisms behind erections in 2 parts:

  • The Reflex Erection, and
  • The Psychogenic Erection

Basically, there’s 2 ways your penis gets erect:

  1.  The reflex erection, which is caused by physical stimulation to the genitals
  2.  The psychogenic erection, which is caused by anything and everything else other than physical touch

It’s actually a pretty interesting section, although like much of the rest of the Erect At Will book, is common sense.

He finishes up the chapter with a brief discussion on vasodilators, which are essentially are a group of medications (or natural herbs) that dilate blood vessels. (Source)

This allows for blood to flow to the penis more easily, and is the exact mechanism of action of drugs like Viagra. (Source)

Part 2: Natural Methods For Overcoming ED

Now that we examined the history, definition, statistics, and root causes of ED, it’s time to move on to the subject that probably got you interested in Erect At Will in the first place…

How to fix it all…

Chapter 8:  Getting Ready For Blastoff

erect at will review - chapter 8

The vast majority of Chapter 8 of the Erect At Will system is dedicated to bashing the notion that there is a “quick fix” to your ED.

Richards discusses the use of pumps and vacuums, which are essentially meant to force your penis to fill with blood.

I’ve personally used these devices, including the Bathmate, and can attest to their effectiveness.

However, he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of them.

I get it….

At first glance, they do look a little “intimidating”, and there are potential side effects associated with their use.

With that said, they are quite literally the safest penis enlargement devices that have ever been created.

What’s more, studies have suggested that 50 – 80% of men are satisfied with their results from Vacuum devices. (Source)

So there’s that…

He then moves on to the various types of surgical / medical options, including:

  • Blood Vessel Surgery
  • Malleable and Inflatable Penile Implants

I’ve never talked to anyone who had either of these done, and I have to admit my experience in this area is very limited.

With that said, it should be noted that these 2 techniques are medically-approved procedures.

They also happen to be the last resort for some guys, which Richards correctly points out.

There’s no amount of “natural” techniques that will work for these sorts of situations.

Chapter 9: Eating Right

Chapter 9 of the Erect At Will PDF is all about eating the right things to promote healthy erections.

The first part of the chapter is sort of all over the place and in my opinion could have been shortened to just a paragraph or 2.

Richards essentially provides a tiered list of foods that you should eat by food group in descending order.

I won’t give away the secret here, but think of the Food pyramid with a couple of sections pulled out and you’ll get the jist.

food pyramid - erect at will

He then moves on to a list of erection super foods, which include things like:

  • Asparagus
  • Celery
  • Garlic
  • Watermelon

What I would have liked to see here was a little bit of detail on why these particular foods made this list.

Were there studies conducted on them?

Where’s the evidence to back it all up?

In any event, perhaps he was just trying to “make it easy” for you to see what you should eat.

Richards then moves on to what he calls “The Sex Shake”, which I vaguely remember hearing about when I saw the Erect At Will promo video.

I won’t give away the recipe, but in my opinion it seems like it’s lacking a few critical ingredients.

With that said, I haven’t tested the Erect At Will sex shake out personally, so I can’t comment as to it’s effectiveness.

He rounds out the chapter with a discussion on:

  • Obesity and it’s effect on erectile function
  • Fasting
  • The Importance Of Hydration

I’ll admit, all of these are important if you’re looking to bring your boners back, and I’m glad he included them.

Chapter 10: Sharpening Your Dagger

erect at will review - chapter 10

Chapter 10 of the Erect At Will PDF program is a big discussion about my particular expertise: supplements!

The thing that I like to see here is that he isn’t pushing a particular brand of supplements, like so many of these other programs do.

Supplement companies that do this include Magnum TRT and Zytenz, to name just a few.

Instead, he essentially provides a list of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy, natural erections.

These include vitamins like vitamins A, B, and D, herbs like garlic, ginseng, yohimbe, animal products like L-Arginine, and plant based ingredients like maca and horny goat weed.

You’ll find a wide variety of supplements on the market that contain these very ingredients, in the proper doses.

For example, one of the best supplements I’ve ever tested (Vigrx Plus) contains a healthy dose of horny goat weed, ginseng, and saw palmetto berry.

What’s lacking from this list is a few other crucial ingredients, most notably:

  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • DHEA
  • Ashwaghanda

Richards rounds out the chapter with a brief discussion on allergies, which of course is an individual concern you should discuss with your doctor before consuming any of these ingredients.

Chapter 11: The ED Pill Treatment Fraud

erect at will review - chapter 11

Chapter 11 of the Erect At Will PDF starts to tread into a bit of a “conspiracy theorist” territory.

Richards attempts to make the case that taking prescription ED medications like Viagra and Cialis can cause permanent loss of sexual function if take long term.

I’m not sure where he is getting this information from, and he doesn’t cite any studies to prove it.

In fact, I spent the better part of an hour trying to find just one study that supported his argument, and came up short.

In fact, I found the opposite.

This study, which I admit is a bit old, showed that taking Viagra long term is completely safe.

Another study showed that upon discontinuation of sildenafil, study participants essentially went back to their pre-treatment values.

They didn’t have worse ED, their ED just returned.

With all of this said, I tend to agree with him on this point:

ED pills are a temporary solution.

And I guess the whole purpose of the Erect At Will PDF is to keep you from going down that road in the first place.

He also correctly notes that pills like Viagra and Cialis aren’t cheap, coming in at nearly $50 a pill in some cases.

viagra prices - erect at will review

He rounds out the chapter with a very important topic: side effects.

If you’ve seen the Viagra commercials he’s talking about in the pdf, they’ll sound familiar:

  • Headaches
  • Sudden Changes In Vision
  • Flushed Skin
  • Diarrhea And Indigestion
  • Erections Lasting More Than 4 Hours

Chapter 12: Good Blood

erect at will review - chapter 12

Chapter 12 of the Erect At Will PDF is all about blood flow, and the importance of it when it comes to erections.

The first section of the chapter is essentially a recap of things that were discussed in some of the earlier sections of the ebook.

He then delves into what I would call one of the most important factors behind resolving your ED: exercise

Richards starts off with a rather touching personal history about his struggles with being overweight, and how he turned things around.

I can tell you from personal experience that he’s quite literally hitting the nail on the head here.

I’ve noticed that in the morning after a particularly hard workout, I almost always wake up with a massive erection.

On the mornings after a night of boozing, lounging around, and pizza, I don’t.

It’s borderline common-sense, but often overlooked (albeit not necessarily intentionally) by most men.

The only thing necessarily missing from this section of Erect At Will is a discussion on what types of exercises are best for ED.

I believe he missed out on a good opportunity here, as there are specific exercises that can help with ED.

From my own personal experience, they include things like squats, heavy lifting exercises like bench presses and deadlifts, and high intensity interval training (ie sprinting).

All of these exercises can cause a massive increase in testosterone, which in turn can help directly with better erections. (Source)

Richards touches on a few other things like stretching (specifically the Psoas stretch), as well as keeping tabs on your hormones (make sure you’re getting a yearly blood test).

Chapter 13: Think Outside The Box

erect at will review - chapter 13

Chapter 13 of the Erect At Will PDF is a discussion on the mental and psychological aspects of ED.

Richards goes into detail about how getting your mental and psychological well-being in check is crucial to helping to resolve your ED issues.

Subjects that are discussed include things like:

  • Using Your Senses
  • Meditation
  • Envisioning Success
  • Dealing With Stress

This is all good advice, and highly recommended to any guy not only looking to rid himself of ED, but also just live a happier life in general.

Chapter 14: Sizing It Up – The ED Miracle

erect at will review - chapter 14

The beginning of Chapter 14 of Erect At Will is sort of a rah- rah type cheer lead to try and get you motivated to implement the suggestions he puts forth in the ebook.

Richards has a point…

We spend a lot of time, money, and resources on things that really don’t matter that much in life.

Yet, we almost completely neglect the one thing that can give us so much joy, and at the same time so much sorrow in life: our penis.

He goes on to point out that, despite the fact that we have plenty of ‘quick fixes’ when it comes to solving our erectile dysfunction issues, they’re basically all band aids for a much larger problem.

The rest of the chapter is dedicated to a recap of everything discussed throughout the Erect At Will PDF, including:

  • Eating Healthy and Hydrating Properly
  • Staying Fit
  • Keeping Your Mind At Ease

These are all crucial factors for any guy looking to work on the source of his ED, and is sound advice.

Where To Buy

As of this review, the Erect At Will PDF is only available in it’s entirety from their official website,

It costs $37, and includes 2 free bonuses titled:

  1. Become Her Sex Addiction
  2. Premature Ejaculation Conquered

Since the pdf is sold through Clickbank, your purchase is protected by a 60 day money back guarantee.

This is a no BS guarantee.

I have bought digital products like this through Clickbank, and on the 54th day attempted to get a refund with no issues.


First, the good…

I like the overall sentiment of what Erect At Will is trying to get at.

Too many of us (myself included) are looking for a quick fix to solve our erectile dysfunction issues.

Ronald Richards does a pretty good job of putting all of the most tangible and important info together in a very reader-friendly format.

Nearly all of this information is available online free of charge, but he lays it out in a way that makes it interesting to read.

I even found myself learning a few new tips and tricks that I had never even thought about using in the past.

Now, the bad…

First off, I’m not a big fan of writing content that isn’t backed up with authoritative research.

I especially never make claims unless I can back it up with hard data.

This is where the Erect At Will pdf falls short.

There are several footnotes and citations listed throughout the ebook, like these:

erect at will pdf snippet 2

But, where are they?

I don’t see them listed anywhere…

Similarly, there are several parts of the ebook, specifically the statistics section, that push out a bunch of claims.

erect at will pdf snippet 3

But where’s the proof?

I mean, we’re paying you to learn this information…

The least you can do is provide a few links out to support these arguments.

I shouldn’t have to go googling things like this, in my opinion.

Bottom line, do I think the Erect At Will PDF is worth it?


The tips and tricks he lays out will almost certainly help any man suffering from erectile dysfunction issues.

And considering how much guys are willing to pay to try out the various herbal supplements and gadgets, the $37 price tag is worth it.

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Erect At Will

Erect At Will

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Unlike many of the other products we talk about on this site, Erect At Will isn't actually a pill. Rather, it's an ebook that's designed to give you tips on how to change your lifestyle, which will lead to improved libido quality.

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